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Mark Gerard

A customized trip with Gerard

During our honeymoon, my wife and I had our first Withlocals experience, with Alex. \n\nAll I can say is that it was really great. We got picked up by Alex by car and drove to his place. We had an amazing evening with him, his wife and kids. Tasted several different traditional Sri Lankan dishes and had some nice conversations about our lives and cultures. \n\nIf you\u2019re staying in Kandy, you should definitely meet up with him.

Laurie Vannee

Classic Home Cooking School

My girlfriend and I had a wonderful time with Vannee and her husband, Meo. What lovely people; very kind and fun. We enjoyed the tour through the local market, learning about special ingredients and how the items are used. Meo even treated us to a delicious Chiang Mai specialty sausage. Vannee seems genuinely interested in sharing her knowledge of Thai cuisine, explaining why and how to complete each step of a recipe. The outdoor kitchen was nice and clean and allowed us the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather while learning something new. We left with stomachs full and feeling more knowledgeable of true Thai food, the process and how to acquire the ingredients at home (she sure knows what can be found and where to find items in Seattlle). Once back at our hotel, our husbands also enjoyed the fruits of our labor by tasting our leftovers. We are so happy we selected this activity and for sharing the experience with Vannee and Meo. This is a must do for foodies and lovers of Thai cuisine.

Alexandra Piyaporn

A customized trip with Piyaporn

The best experience and the best tour guide that we ever had. There are 9 of us (all are very chatty ladies) and Piyaporn is very nice and explain everything to us in detail. She also help us arranging the transportation to and from there.\nWe'll book her definitely next time for another tour. \n\nAs for the floating market itself, such a great one. The food there really yummy, fruit & veggies are very fresh, and the boat trip as well also unforgettable.

Eat Withlocals

Get a real taste of local culture by dining with a local

Withlocals matches up travelrs and locals with cooking skills to rival any top chef. Not only will you enjoy home-cooking at its best and get to taste local delicacies but you'll also have a unique chance to experience the local culture and to get to know the people by sharing a meal in a family house.

Eat Withlocals examples

  • Discover what spicy really means dining with a couple in the heart of Colombo
  • Celebrate a Yee Sang dinner with a couple in Kuala Lumpur
  • Try Babi Guling laid out on coconut mats in traditional Balinese compound
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Why Withlocals

Our dream is to shape the future of travel and dining out in Asia.

Withlocals brings together travelers with locals who have talents, passions and skills to share. We want to create sustainable income for local people in Asia, while enabling travelers to experience something truly unique and memorable

Our goal is to connect people and cultures through food and experiences. We want to see 10,000 new "home restaurants" opened in Asia in the next three years.

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