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Jessica Nan

Thai Street Food Tour!

Nan was an excellent guide! We ate our way through the streets – experiencing food we would have never tried on our own or known what it was. It was incredible! Nan answered all of our questions about Thailand and guided us through the amazing adventure. This was the most memorable experience of our 11 days in Thailand. Above and beyond, Nan!

Randy Silvino

Off the beaten track tour in Amsterdam!

This is a good tour for anyone who wants to get away from the normal tourist haunts of Amsterdam and who wants a glimpse of real life in this thriving multi-ethnic city.
Silvano's heritage is Suriname and he is knowledgeable about the large population of Suriname people' they integrate & how the liv today.....he takes you to local markets and newly developed "villages" where you can view the people as the go about daily life. Another part of the tour is to the Indonesian/Moroccan areas which are also quite interesting. As you travel from area to area you will also get a feel for how widespread and efficient Amsterdam's public transport system is....all in all a good 3-4 hour local adventure.

Maria nurul

Borobudur sunrise and Prambanan sunset

It was a wonderful experience! We had loads of laughts and a really nice time! They treated us as one of their family and we will highly recommend this experience!!! Hope to see you guys sooner than later :) (didot and nurul)

Eat Withlocals

Get a real taste of local culture by dining with a local

Withlocals connects people through food and experiences. Our local hosts are food lovers with cooking skills that will impress your taste buds.

Eat Withlocals examples

  • Discover what spicy really means dining with a couple in the heart of Colombo
  • Celebrate a Yee Sang dinner with a couple in Kuala Lumpur
  • Try Babi Guling laid out on coconut mats in traditional Balinese compound
  • Have a chic weekend brunch in Amsterdam with an international couple
  • Enjoy an intercultural dinner with Michelin star chefs and find out their secrets
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Why Withlocals

Our dream is to shape the future of travel and dining out.

Withlocals brings together like-minded people who have talents, passions and skills to share. We want to create sustainable income for local people in Asia, while enabling everybody to experience something truly unique and memorable.

Our goal is to connect people and cultures through food and experiences. We want to see 10,000 new "home restaurants" opened in the next three years.

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