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Suriyakarn Khamlar Tatiya Uttarathiyang

Unforgettable Thai Dining Experience

Tatiya was a great host. I was a bit worried being the only guest but she made me felt like I was having dinner at a friend's house right from the start to finish. I enjoyed her food and our conversation tremendously. Definitely recommended. Thank so much for a great evening, Tatiya!

Ira Victoria de Reuver Nilawan Suwansathien

Making Glass Art in Chiangmai

First Nila explains about the techniques of fusion glass art. What you see, is not what you get! After assembling your art piece, the piece will get fired in the kiln, where the pieces of glass will fuse together. It is my job to assemble 4 coasters. The table looks like a rainbow of colored pieces of glass. It is fun, it is like a puzzle, while choosing different shapes and colors to build up the coasters. Nila has a real passion for glass and its artistic value, and now I do too, while enjoying my beautiful coasters. Thanks Nila!


Mumbai in Mumbai style (Suburb Tour)

A seasoned traveler of the Indian landscape, Kiran has picked up some real gems speckled across Mumbai's suburbs to put together this tour. Starting in the heart of the Sanjay Gandhi National park, breath in the serenity of the 2 millennia old Kanheri caves. This network of a 110 caves was built and inhabited by the Buddhist monks between 1st century BC to 11th century AD, and has the distinction of having the highest number of caves carved in a single hill. A centre for meditation and spread of Buddhist ideologies and learning, the caves are a marvel of utilitarian architecture. They harvested rainwater by channeling it through ridges carved in the hills (which can still be seen) into water cisterns built inside every cave. The prayer hall in cave 3 with a large Stupa in the middle is a sight to behold. Also, a must do when inside one of the cool and quite caves is the Brahmari pranayam to experience the marvelous acoustics of the place ? From the Kanheri caves, Kiran takes you to the contemporary centre of Buddhist learning – the Global Vipassana pagoda built on an island near the Gorai creek. The central dome is the world's largest stone dome built without any supporting pillars. It is only once you stand inside that you realize its gigantic size. The pagoda also houses galleries documenting Buddha's life and his teachings through the photo and video media. Next up on the itin is the option of visiting a fishing village near the Gorai creek to get a glimpse of their fascinating lifestyle and its close association to the sea. The commute between the different venues is done, in typical Mumbai style, via the most optimal modes available for each leg and spans ferries, rented private vehicle, auto-rickshaws and the local train. The journeys are full of anecdotal tales giving you an insider's view of the city. For breakfast and lunch, Kiran relies on his knowledge of the local restaurants to take you to the joints serving authentic Konkan and Maharashtrian cuisines, served with great hygiene. Simply put - Sign up, and rest assured to have a great field day! ?

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Withlocals matches up travelrs and locals with cooking skills to rival any top chef. Not only will you enjoy home-cooking at its best and get to taste local delicacies but you'll also have a unique change to experience the local culture and to get to know the people by sharing a meal in a family house.

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  • Discover what spicy really means dining with a couple in the heart of Colombo
  • Celebrate a Yee Sang dinner with a couple in Kuala Lumpur
  • Try Babi Guling laid out on coconut mats in traditional Balinese compound
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Our dream is to shape the future of travel and dining out in Asia.

Withlocals brings together travelers with locals who have talents, passions and skills to share. We want to create sustainable income for local people in Asia, while enabling travelers to experience something truly unique and memorable

Our goal is to connect people and cultures through food and experiences. We want to see 10,000 new "home restaurants" opened in Asia in the next three years.

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