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Daniel Stripp Shermila Munidasa

Sri Lankan and Indian Traditional Foods

Shermila and her family are absolutely wonderful! We were able to arrange her husband to pick us up from our hotel and take us to their home. The whole family was welcoming and we had a lovely evening. First, we spent some time chatting about Sri Lanka and our experiences there. Then came the dinner - wow! Shermila prepared us a LARGE traditional Sri Lankan meal, which she catered to our liking from our messages before our arrival (read: not too much spice!). Everything was absolutely delicious. We especially liked the potatoes and dhal. The pleasant conversation continued through dinner and then - when we were too full to move - came dessert! The curd with honey was one of the most tasty things I had during my trip in Sri Lanka. After some pictures, more conversation, and goodbyes - we were driven back to our hotel. We were honored to be their first American guests in their home and loved everything! Thank you so much!

Hai Ha Nguyen Photography Tour Hanoi

Hanoi Photography Tour

Hang and Viet Anh are impeccable tour guides, brilliant photographers, as well as being great guys to hang around with for a couple of hours. I am very appreciate you for you stories and deep knowledge about Hanoi, my special big thanks for your helpful advice about photography and awesome pictures they sent me after the tour. Hanoi Photography Tour offers you premiere guided photo walks around Hanoi, as seen through the eye of creative travel young photographers. This tour combines the very best aspects of a guided walking tour and a travel-focused photography workshop, made to get you the best shot at an exciting photo moment. Regardless of camera, skill level or style of shooting, every tour provides practical photo tips & custom-tailored advice that’ll be of use both in Hanoi and beyond. They are both smart and flexible in setting up itinerary for the tour upon your request. You should have a discussion with them in advance to make sure where you want to discover, dont be surprised if they offer you many places beyond your expectation. Inspirational and Professional! Highly recommend!

Guy Singer Etienne Papillon

Net fishing in the countryside

Etienne has a passion for fishing and it shone through the afternoon we spent together. He speaks fluent Khmer and so was able to to talk to both locals and friends. We went rod fishing and I passed a very pleasant afternoon, learning to cast and fish. The arrival of two young locals proved interesting, since they added their skills to ours. At such a young age, their skill far outshone all the adults!! But then this is how they catch their daily food. The scenery was tranquil, the addition of seasonal birds gave us something different to look at. A fine fried fish supper rounded off a perfect day. Thanks so much for sharing your passion, Etienne.

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Withlocals matches up travelrs and locals with cooking skills to rival any top chef. Not only will you enjoy home-cooking at its best and get to taste local delicacies but you'll also have a unique change to experience the local culture and to get to know the people by sharing a meal in a family house.

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  • Discover what spicy really means dining with a couple in the heart of Colombo
  • Celebrate a Yee Sang dinner with a couple in Kuala Lumpur
  • Try Babi Guling laid out on coconut mats in traditional Balinese compound
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Why Withlocals

Our dream is to shape the future of travel and dining out in Asia.

Withlocals brings together travelers with locals who have talents, passions and skills to share. We want to create sustainable income for local people in Asia, while enabling travelers to experience something truly unique and memorable

Our goal is to connect people and cultures through food and experiences. We want to see 10,000 new "home restaurants" opened in Asia in the next three years.

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