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Check Out the Amazing Things to Do in Palermo

Explore all the fantastic things to do in Palermo! From beautiful architecture to vibrant food markets, enjoy all the wonderful activities the city has to offer. Gorgeous Churches The streets of Palermo are filled with many splendid churches! The Palermo Cathedral will certainly be first on the list with its brilliant design and rich history. The equally as alluring Cappella Palatina and Cathedral of Monreale provide views of beautiful mosaics and paintings. Don’t forget to witness the Arabic influence of Palermo and the red-domed Church of San Cataldo. Picturesque Palaces The elegant palaces of Palermo are sure to take your breath away! The neoclassical Norman Palace is the most historic of the city’s palaces once being the seat of former Kings of Sicily. Next, visit Castello della Zisa for a detailed look into Islamic art and architecture. Step foot into a different time period of Palermo’s history at Palazzo Abatellis and its fabulous Renaissance artwork. Dinner & Show Combo If you need help finding what to do in Palermo, look no further than its food markets! Head to Ballaro Market to spot many locals shopping for the most delicious produce and sweets you can find in town. The Vucciria Market is particularly known for its lively atmosphere providing shoppers with produce, seafood, handmade crafts and more. After your shopping is complete, sit back and relax at the Massimo Theater for an evening opera performance. Customize Your Day Just rely on your private guide to show you all the top things to do in Palermo! Personalize the list of places you see and have a fun-filled day you will never forget. Simply inform your local host of your preferences and they got you covered!

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