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Have a remarkable time seeing the best things to do in Kyoto! From the tranquil Path of Philosophy to the stunning Tenryu-ji Temple, and the festive Gion District. Enjoy the most breathtaking attractions of the city with a welcoming local.

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Welcome to Kyoto, a city where the old meets the new in the coolest way! We've got some awesome tips to make your trip here even better. From checking out ancient temples and peaceful gardens to trying delicious local food and getting to know the local customs, Kyoto is gonna be an unforgettable adventure! Let's dive in and make the most of your time in this incredible place!

Things to do in Kyoto for all Travellers

Have endless fun exploring the captivating things to do in Kyoto! From natural wonders to charming villages, partake in all the astonishing activities in Kyoto. Tranquility or Action at Night Kyoto is teeming with peaceful escapes and nighttime is the perfect chance to relax under the stars. Listen to the sounds of the mesmeric Kamogawa River or capture unbelievable views at the Kyoto Tower. For more vibrant nightly activities in Kyoto, make your way to the lively Gion District to see if you can spot an authentic Geisha. Adventures You can Experience Only in Kyoto Kyoto is filled with once in a lifetime experiences you simply have to see to believe! The centuries old Nishiki Market is a fantastic way to sample the most delicious cuisine the city has to offer. For one of the more eye-popping things to see in Kyoto, wander down Yokai Street to catch a glance at the uniquely crafted spirits lining the sidewalks. Kyoto With the Youngsters If you need to know what to do in Kyoto to entertain the children, then let your local host lead the way. The Kyoto City Zoo is a wonderful place to catch glimpses of furry animals and Kyoto Gyoen is a beautiful location to let the kids burn off some energy. From other gorgeous parks to exciting arcades, there are tons of things to do in Kyoto for those with kids. Team Up with a Local Kyoto Guide If you are ever stuck on what to do in Kyoto, just ask for recommendations from your local host! Whether you explore the vibrant Higashiyama District, endless places to dine on sushi, or the magnificent Wazuka Tea Plantation, you are in for a special treat!

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