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We give you the tools to succeed as a local guide

Withlocals is a free-to-join platform that empowers locals like you to earn money hosting private experiences that show the real side of their city away from mass commercial tourism.

  • We make your dream a (paid) reality

    Become a Withlocals host and receive a fair payment per booking so you can make money by sharing your passion.

  • We give you the right tools

    At Withlocals, you get all the tools you need to manage your hosting schedule in a way that works best for you.

  • We have the experiences people love

    With your expertise and passion, plus our successful Withlocals Originals tours, you are set for a good start as a Withlocals local host.

  • We help you take part in responsible tourism

    Bring benefits to your community and lead tours in a way that respects the environment and those around it.

  • We want to make you shine!

    To increase your opportunities and boost your career as a Withlocals host, we’ll do all the marketing for you and promote our tours in major online travel agencies.

Empowering hosts globally

Be part of a global community of passionate local hosts

As a Withlocals host, you instantly become part of our community. Learn from other local hosts across the globe, meet like-minded people, and get the support you need to keep improving in your career as a local host.

Ready-to-host experiences

Start hosting right away by joining our Withlocals Originals tours!

Are you a foodie, a history lover, or an art enthusiast? Our carefully crafted Withlocals Originals tours are ready for you to spice up with your expertise & unique personality.

  • For hosts of all experience levels

    Whether you are an expert in the field or starting your career as a local guide - the Withlocals Originals Tours are fit for rookies as well as professional guides!

  • A tour category for every interest

    From food and history tours to day trips, there's a tour that fits your interests & knowledge - pick the one(s) that fits you best!

  • Guaranteed bookings

    Our Withlocals Originals Tours are proven tour concepts designed based on years of collecting traveler’s insights and proven records of guests’ satisfaction

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One stop solution

One platform to rule it all

Manage your earnings, schedule, and receive bookings from the biggest tour providers - all on the Withlocals host platform

  • Be in charge of your own schedule

    Choose when you are available to host with an easy to use host agenda

  • More opportunities from partner platforms

    As a Withlocals host, you'll also be promoted on & get bookings from major online travel agencies

  • Grow your skills along the way

    Access learning content created together with our most experienced hosts

  • A proactive community

    Be part of a growing community of hosts from around the world and connect over social media groups, virtual events or in person.

  • Adopt responsible tourism practices

    Work alongside UN development goals towards a brighter future in tourism with people and planet in mind.

  • Your brand and online presence

    You are in control of your host profile and can edit it whenever you like to reflect who you truly are!

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What do I need to become a local host?

To qualify to be a Withlocals host, we expect you to know your city like the back of your hand and to love your city to the core. You should also have a good level of English to host international guests, and of course, enough availability to host the tours regularly.

How do I receive bookings?

As a member of the Withlocals host platform, your bookings will come in directly in your account, where they can be easily accessed and managed. You’ll get an overview of any incoming requests, future bookings, as well as a list of previous tours you have hosted, all in one place.

How much will I earn as a Withlocals host?

How much you earn will depend on the number of bookings you receive. This goes hand in hand with the number and type of experience you want to host and your availability. We believe in giving fair pay to all. The pricing of each experience takes into account a fair hosting fee for you and the local prices of inclusions such as food, transportation, or entrance tickets. From the total price the guest pays for an experience, Withlocals takes a 32% fee before sending the payment to you.

How do I receive payments?

The moment you are accepted to be a host, you'll be asked to create a profile. There, you can let us know the best way to receive your payments (we offer bank transfer payments and in some destinations, also PayPal.)

Can I add my own tours & experiences to the Withlocals platform?

Alongside our popular Withlocals Originals tours, we’re opening the door for you to let your creativity shine! As a Withlocals host you can design and offer your very own tours, crafted from your unique perspective and intimate knowledge of your city. By creating a personal tour, you can offer guests a one-of-a-kind experience, tailored to your expertise and passion. The best part? These tours will be showcased right on our website, ensuring that guests from around the world can discover and book your exceptional experiences. Join us in this new adventure and let’s craft unforgettable memories together!

What if I can't find my city on the list?

We are sorry to say that if your city is not on the list, it's not in our current portfolio yet. But, keep an eye out! We are expanding fast, and who knows, your city might be next on our list! But, until then, share your email to get notified once we start recruiting hosts in your city. You can do so by choosing your city -> notify me later -> send your contact details.