Festivals in Hoi An

Festivals and celebrations are very important and traditional for the Vietnamese. Take a look at some of their customs and local insights about festivals in Hoi An below!

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Overview of festivals in Hoi An

The locals in Hoi An are very religious. During the most important festivals, the New moon and the full Moon festivals, locals become vegetarian. You can’t find a restaurant with a free table. Before the full moon day, there is a Full moon festival. It’s great festival with beautiful colored lanterns all over Hoi An. You can’t see any street lights, no cars or motorbikes, just beautiful colored lanterns. The whole atmosphere is a thing you need to experience when you are visiting Hoi An. It’s planned every full moon, so you can’t miss it!

Top experiences in Hoi An

Hoi An Food Tour with a Local


€50.00 p.p.

Hill Tribe Adventure


€400.00 p.p.

Enjoy Dinner or BBQ in Hoi An Ancient Town


€27.54 p.p.

Festivals Hoi-an, Vietnam

Full moon festival
The festival honors the ancestors, and flowers, fruits, lanterns and candles are being exchanged in order to secure prosperity and good fortune. It is a beautiful experience to walk around the streets and inhale the warm atmosphere of this festival, along with tasting delicious street food and visiting local pagodas.

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Mary Alina

Thai Family Dinner and Cooking Class

Alina was so amazing at teaching me and the food we made were legit delish. I can not wait to make Pad Thai when I get back to Canada.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Stace Polly

Spiritual Experience: Buddhism, Monks & Rituals

We likely would not have visited these temples on our own. Polly went out of her way after finding out a member in our party recently got a Sak Yant tattoo and introduced him to a 90 year old monk and obtained his blessing. It was a really hot day but Polly was able to accommodate us and moved at our pace. Very fun trip

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Madeleine Manh

Farm tour & Cooking in Hanoi with local family

I had the most beautiful afternoon together with Manh and I will remember our meeting for the rest of my life. She taught me a lot about farming life and the important ingredients in vietnamese food and how to cook it! Had a lovely dinner together (it was so good I didnt want to stop eat even though I was so full!) with her family and we talked all about food and daily life and the differences in our countries. It was really memorable and I want everyone to have this kind of authentic experience!!