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Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is a city located in the South – Central district of Vietnam, bordering the coast of the South China Sea. In the past, Hoi An used to have the biggest harbour in the entire area of Southeast Asia and was known as Champa City.

The spice trade brought Hoi An immense wealth, which can still be seen by the beautiful trading port in Hoi An and other historical buildings. It comes as no surprise that this beautiful city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

A long weekend in Hoi An will be one of the most amazing experiences on your journey to Vietnam, with beautiful old streets covered in a 16th century atmosphere, authentic restaurants and shops filled with original products of good quality.

Fun facts about Hoi-an, Vietnam

  • Hoi An is very well appreciated by tourists for its special atmosphere
  • The Vietnamese lanterns are well known and typical for Hoi An by night is a beautiful lantern lit sky
  • Hoi An is recognized as World Heritage Site
  • The buildings in Hoi An are special because they are a blend between local and foreign architecture

Hoi-an, Vietnam


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Hoi-an, Vietnam


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Hoi-an, Vietnam


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