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Home restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

How amazing would it be to enrich your holiday experience with a real home cooked dinner? Instead of having a meal at the local tourist restaurant, Withlocals offers you the opportunity to join a local family for a home based dinner experience. Taste the ingredients of amazing home cooked food, and get an experience you will never forget! Keep an eye on this section and soon you will be able to read more about dinners with locals.

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Restaurants in Ho chi minh city, Vietnam

Until then, check out the following restaurants to be found in Ho Chi Minh City:

  • …hum.
    What? Yes, just like the name says it, …hum is a restaurant that will make you love every bit of what you eat! This restaurant specializes in vegetarian food, and every kind of dish imaginable is being served. The prices are a bit expensive for HCMC, but the warm atmosphere of the restaurant combined with tasty food is worth it.
  • Dine in style at La Villa
    This French restaurant is located in a beautiful villa, and serves various kinds of dishes, all made out of fresh products. Great experience to dine in style while eating amazing food.
  • Italian dishes in Ciao Bella
    Eating Italian pizza’s in Ho Chi Minh City? Yes, it is possible! Ciao Bella offers some great Italian cuisine, such as tasty pizza’s and pasta’s.
  • Visit Scot and Binh’s
    The slogan of this restaurant is ‘comfort food with a twist’ , well, this is definitely true. If you want to escape from the business of HCMC, Scot and Binh’s is the place to be. Great food coming from various backgrounds, such as vegetarian, contemporary and American.
  • Authentic food in the Temple Club
    If you are looking for real Vietnamese dishes, the Temple Club is a must-visit. Apart from the tasty food, the atmosphere is also an experience in itself, as the restaurant is located in an old colonial villa.

Ho chi minh city, Vietnam


Have an authentic meal at a local families home. Experience the real food of Ho chi minh city, Vietnam.

Ho chi minh city, Vietnam


Enjoy a trip through the eyes of a local. Get the ultimate tour in Ho chi minh city, Vietnam.

Ho chi minh city, Vietnam


Everybody's good at something! Learn from Ho chi minh city, Vietnam locals and their cultures.