Places to Eat in Ho Chi Minh City

If you thought you knew Vietnamese food by paying regular visits to you neighborhood Vietnamese restaurant, you will be proven wrong once you come in Vietnam - everything here, and especially in Ho Chi Minh City, redefines taste and variety.

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What to Eat in Ho Chi Minh City

In every 2 out of 5 streets, there is a food stall sticking from the corner. If you want to choose wise, pick the ones where you can see what and how it's being cooked, and especially if a bunch of locals are fussing around. This guarantees you fresh and tasteful handful of well-combined ingredients. Ho Chi Minh city's arguable "lunch lady" is in District 1. Vietnamese cuisine is fresh and simple. Portions are small enough to try several. You will notice that usually you are served a main dish and a myriad of additives, sauces, and chili to choose from.

  • Com Tam Moc
    The very popular among locals "broken" rice dish with 3 types of meat and a fried egg.
  • Banh Mi
    Is the sign that you will be seeing again and again on food carts, stalls, and restaurant menus. It is the Vietnamese version of a sandwich, a combination between bread, introduced once by the French, and pate or meat, dressed in cucumber, pickled veggies, herbs, and mayonnaise.
  • Rice Paper Rolls
    The perfect love affair between rice paper and seafood, wrapped in front of you and handed out with a little bowl of dipping sauce.
  • Pho
    A Vietnamese classic noodle soup with beef or chicken meat and spices.

Top food experiences in Ho Chi Minh City

Take joy in Vietnamese streetfood and Saigon nightlife


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