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Shopping in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is a great place to buy specialized products, such as silver, pottery or silk products. The best way to shop some silver is at Hang Bac Street. This is one of the oldest places where you can buy beautiful art of silver. Looking for some authentic clothing? Go to the Chula Fashion Showroom. It has some amazing clothing with unique desings. Great place to indulge yourself in beautiful dresses and forget about the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Check out the shops below,all offering you a unique taste of Vietnamese culture and the best of Hanoi!

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Shopping in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Visit Metiseko Hanoi
    Great little shop filled with beautiful clothes, bags, pillows, unique designs and colors.

  • Coffee
    The most famous drink in Vietnam. The locals love to drink coffee and have many varieties.

  • Visit Bat Trang
    You can find the most amazing ceramic and high quality pottery in this little town, the products are famous all over the world.

  • Things of Substance
    Fashionable men and female clothing and also various bags, belts, shoes and jewelry is available.

  • Stroll along the Hang Gai Street
    This street is amazing for silk shopping. Many little specialized shops can be found.

Hanoi, Vietnam


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Hanoi, Vietnam


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Hanoi, Vietnam


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Something special in Hanoi, Vietnam

Coffee! One of the most famous drinks in Vietnam is your daily cuppa of caffeine intake. The locals love to drink coffee and have many varieties, both hot and iced mixtures.