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Museums in Hanoi, Vietnam

There are some interesting museums to check out when traveling to Hanoi. The Museum of Ethnology is an excellent place to learn about different cultural ethnic groups. The museum displays several artifacts from Vietnam’s history, such as tribal art but also huts and miniature houses. Another interesting museum is the women's museum, which is focused on the position of women in the Vietnamese culture. Different topics can be discovered, such as the role of Vietnamese women during the war, or their tribal lives. Besides this, the Army museum shows the history of the Vietnam War. Though interesting, bear in mind that more American military can be seen rather than Vietnamese.

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Inspiration for museums in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Visit the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
  • Visit the Vietnam Women’s Museum
  • Spend some time in the Vietnam Army Museum

Hanoi, Vietnam


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Hanoi, Vietnam


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Hanoi, Vietnam


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