Festivals in Hanoi

There are several important festivals in Hanoi, influenced by the rich culture from the various ethnic groups in Vietnam. The exact data of the festivals are different every year; this depends on the position of the moon. Check out the table below to see some of the most important festivals that are being celebrated in Hanoi.

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Overview of festivals in Hanoi

  • Tet Vietnamese New Year - late january or early february, depending on the lunar calendar.
    A 3-day event where the whole family comes together to celebrate the new year. The Vietnamese believe the spirits of deceased relatives come back to earth to celebrate the festival. 'Tet' is also the birthday of every Vietnamese.
  • General new year’s day - 1st of January
    Just like the western world, celebration of the start of the new year according to western calendar.
  • Co Loa festival - February
    Wrestling, cockfighting and paradises throughout Hanoi.
  • Dong festival - March
    Celebration of the ancient character of dong genius in the Gia Lam district in Hanoi. Beautiful water puppet shows.
  • Le Mat festival - March
    Commemorating Hoang Duc Trung, festivities take place in the Le Mat village, nearby the Gia Lam district.
  • Chem temple festival - June
    Dragon boats on the red river, kite flying festivities. Takes place nearby Thuy Phuong, in the Tu Lien district.
  • Do son buffalo festival - August
    Buffalo fighting, with unfortunate tortured outcomes for both animals. Takes place in Hai phong, a couple of hours away from Hanoi.

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Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
David Thanh

Create your own paper mask! - Kid friendly workshop

We had a fantastic morning, as a family, doing the mask making.
Initially I though this would be a simple kids activity to break up the day, but it is much more than that.
Its starts by entering through a small alley way off the street into the house of the traditional mask owner - the whole experience of staying in someones house/apartment for the morning was brilliant as you get to really feel the life of a local Hanoi person.
The activity itself was done by the whole family and was just fun - led by the last of the traditional mask makers in Hanoi. We loved it.
Throughout we had really interesting conversations with Thanh, our excellent hostess. It gave a great insight into Vietnam's past and future thinking.
Just a great 3 hours spent and we would highly recommend it for anyone to do, form Backpackers to families.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Bamba Quoc Viet

Private Hanoian Home Dinner

You guys are awesome and your hospitality was at par considering other hosts. We will send you a lot more bookings in near future.


Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Joe Hang

Relaxing fishing experience with lunch

When I first saw the description of the tour, I knew it was going to be different than the usual tours you find on trip advisor. It turned out to be just as I thought. Hang picked me up at the hotel and we proceeded to a quiet set of ponds to spend a half day fishing. From baiting a Bamboo pole with chicken heart bait, to enjoying an excellent lunch consisting of fried chicken, and snakehead fish, local spices, and vegetables. All of this under a thatch roofed hut, adjacent to the water, with a few beers and local rice wine to bring it all together. I enjoyed our chat, which offered some thoughts on the local way of life, history, and culture. To top it off, we caught a good size fish. If you want to get away from the tour crowds, meet a friendly local, and relax with a bamboo pole in your hand, this is the uniquely perfect half day in Hanoi.