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Private Tours and Activities in Hanoi

Located in the Northern part of Vietnam, the city of Hanoi was and still is the flourishing cultural Mecca of Vietnam. This two-wars veteran will astound you with its peacefully co-existing contrasts and sophisticated blend of culture.

From 1954 until 1976, Hanoi was the capital of North Vietnam, and after the merging of the North and South in 1976, it became the capital of the entire country, leaving its runner-up Ho Chi Minh City to take more credit as home to urban and economic development.

Hanoi took it eclectic look from the many nations that dominated its territory over the years. One can recognize the French nuance in the coquette street cafes, the Chinese religious influence in the temples' architecture, Siamese royalty, Japanese trade, and the Vietnamese merchant tradition reflected in the street names of the Old Quarter. Joining local hosts on his customized private Hanoi tour You can feel and touch the influences and mixture of these distinct culture One can indulge the romance of Hanoi on the streets, or rowing down the Red River's waters all the way to its delta, emptying in the South China Sea. Hanoi will not leave you bored. The city is full of history, culture and excitement. If you wish to experience the real local lifestyle, ask one of the local hosts to bring you on a tour to Hanoian village or community. Here you will explore the true vibe of this magnificent place.

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  • Bat Trang ceramic village 's Discovery Tour
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  • Family friendly tour to Bat Trang pottery village of 700 years old and Ecopark
  • Sunset Westlake Motorbike Tour
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  • Bicycle Tour in Hanoi
  • Having Dinner with a Hanoian Family
  • One Day as a Local in Hanoi
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  • Family friendly tour to Bat Trang pottery village of 700 years old and Ecopark
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Fun Facts About Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Hanoi is a very old city, and celebrated its 1000th birthday in 2010
  • Hanoi means 'city inside rivers'
  • Wonder why houses in Hanoi are so small? Tax is being paid on the width of a house - as a result, people prefer to keep their houses as small as possible
  • When getting married in Vietnam, most people visit Hanoi for their honeymoon
  • Water Puppet Shows are famous in Hanoi
  • The house, where the romantic love story of French writer Marguerite Duras and Huynh Thuy Le, narrated in the famous novel "The Lover", can be visited in Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam


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Hanoi, Vietnam


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Hanoi, Vietnam


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Inspiration for Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Water Puppet Show
    This takes you along in traditional tales and historical legends of the Vietnamese culture. Great for children
  • Thang Long Ca Tru Theatre
    Be intrigued by the beautiful sounds of the Vietnamese songs, and the traditional music instruments.
  • West Lake
    Relaxing at the West Lake can be a welcome experience. You can also visit the beautiful Tran Quoc Pagoda, filled with little statues and beautiful architecture.