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Markets in ha-long-bay, Vietnam

One way to experience Ha Long Bay as a local is by visiting the markets. Ha long bay is famous for their floating markets. The locals of Withlocals can tell you everything about the best places to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Imaging visiting one of the many markets with a local, who can help you to make a traditional dish!

Fun facts about markets in Ha-long-bay, Vietnam

  • Floating Markets
    As a tourist you can just sit down while the market stalls float by. These boats are carrying lots of fresh fruits while travelling on the bay. A unique experience!

  • Ha Long night market
    This is the ideal place to buy some Ha Long souvenirs at night.

  • Ha Long market
    The biggest market in the city! Here you can everything ranging from normal to luxurious goods. Furthermore this is the place to buy Ha Long specialties such as seafood and dried squid.

Ha-long-bay, Vietnam


Have an authentic meal at a local families home. Experience the real food of Ha-long-bay, Vietnam.

Ha-long-bay, Vietnam


Enjoy a trip through the eyes of a local. Get the ultimate tour in Ha-long-bay, Vietnam.

Ha-long-bay, Vietnam


Everybody's good at something! Learn from Ha-long-bay, Vietnam locals and their cultures.