Travel options in Istanbul

Getting around Istanbul is fairly straightforward and easy to navigate.  The city boasts a highly integrated public transport system, with metro, buses, ferries, minibuses, and taxis all throughout the city.  Here, we’ll look at some of the most popular ways to get around the city.

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Getting Around in Istanbul

One card to rule them all

The IstanbulKart is the only card you need to get around the city!  This card can be purchased at most metro stations and at kiosks throughout the city, and you simply top it off and swipe it at the entry point to most public transport, like buses, metro, and ferry.  You buy the reusable card for a small fee then just top it off throughout your stay in Istanbul!

Avoid traffic on Metro and Metrobus

The metro system in Istanbul is easy to use and full of useful signs and maps so that you don’t get lost between your transfers.  Metro stations are clearly marked with the unique “M” logo, so they’re easy to spot when you’re above-ground. Also, for long-distance travel through the city, the Metrobus operates along the highway as a sort of above-ground metro. The bus comes every couple of minutes, bypasses traffic, and stops at every stop, just like a metro. These are the best options for avoiding that infamous traffic, and for efficient Istanbul travel.

Public Buses: Everywhere, all the time

Public buses are all over the streets, and they’re a really popular way to travel in Istanbul, especially through places that aren’t connected by metro.  Buses generally run on time. For up-to-the-minute bus info, you can download the MobIETT or Trafi apps on your smartphone and see exactly which bus to take, to which stop, and at what time in order to get to your destination.  Ask your local friend which app is best; everyone seems to have a favorite!

Top day trips in Istanbul

Private Day Trip to Princes' Islands


€27.00 p.p.

3-Day Cappadocia Road Trip


€200.00 p.p.

Road Trip & Camping in Magical Bozcaada


€170.00 p.p.

Other options to keep moving

Go local with the Minibus and “Dolmus”

Minibuses and “dolmus” (literally, “stuffed”) are the local flavor of travel in Istanbul.  A minibus is a small bus, and a dolmus is a large, shared taxi. Both of these options operate with cash only, so don’t try to use the IstanbulKart on these!  The drivers just wait until the vehicle is almost full, and then head out on a set route. For places further outside the city, the minibus often departs more frequently than the public bus. The other advantage of the minibus and dolmus is that many routes run late into the evening, or even all night!

And finally, the Ferries

The hands-down most beautiful way to travel in Istanbul is by ferry.  The ferries that cross the Bosporus are basically an institution in Istanbul.  From the ferry, no matter where you’re going, you can get a breathtaking view of the city.  You can also enjoy the company of hundreds of seagulls waiting for snacks to be thrown by passengers.  Relax with a cup of Turkish tea and pastry, listen to the buskers who love to make music on the ferries, and just watch the city float by.  Even if you don’t have a destination in mind, riding the ferry is an adventure in itself!

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Joseph Benoit

A customized trip with Benoit

I’d first like to thank Benoit for an amazing time! He gave my mother and I a tour that covered every aspect of Turkish life, from roaming the back streets around the Grand Bazaar not frequented by tourist, to the walls of this ancient city once known as Constantinople, there wasn’t a dull moment. He really pays attention to your needs even if it means searching for a handmade shisha pipe that was made, sold, and carefully packed by the artisans themselves. I will for sure take another one of his many tours in the near future.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Kajsa Aysegul

Private Turkish Breakfast with a Chef!

Aysegul was very kind and easy to chat with! We got alot of insight on what the best dishes were and everything was delicious! She even answered questions about other things in the area for us.

She gets a 10/10 for sure! However if the rating was for 'with locals' in general I would say it would be a 7, because the title of the booking type was a bit misleading. However, the experience was still great and I highly recommend it.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Cristian Dilek

A customized trip with Dilek

Dilek was super kind! We had a very good tour with her! Definitely if we go again to Istanbul will make a tour with her!