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Istanbul is a city that is more than merely “big” or “crowded” – it’s full!  The city is full of flavors, full of new experiences, full of new things to see, and of course, full of cats!  It spans two different continents and countless cultures. That’s where local guides in Istanbul can help.  A private guide in Istanbul makes the huge city seem smaller and more welcoming, mostly thanks to the amazing tradition of Turkish hospitality!  Going with an Istanbul private guide is a great idea for several reasons.

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Local Guides in Istanbul

Never miss a beat

Istanbul is a vast city with so many things to see all over the city.  Don’t lose time going from point A to point B; instead, go with a local and find the most direct and efficient ways to get around the city.  This way, you’ll spend your time exploring places you want to see instead of getting lost or stuck in traffic.

Never miss a gem

In Istanbul, you never know what treasure you’ll find just around the next corner. But, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, these little gems, like quaint cafes or favorite local hotspots, are easy to pass by.  Private guides in Istanbul will make sure that you don’t miss a chance to experience every winding street to its fullest!

Never miss a meal

Let’s face it: no one knows the food of a place like the ones who live there.  In Istanbul, there are hundreds of choices to be made about food for literally every meal.  With so many great foodie spots in the city, having a private guide to help you find the best of the best is a huge advantage.  With the help of your local guide, you’ll be sure to make the most of every meal. Plus, due to the sheer force of Turkish hospitality, your local friend will make sure that you never stay hungry during your visit!

Never miss a deal

In Istanbul, a lot of things come down to personal relationships with people.  There’s a saying that “the man that you buy your bread from will even come to your funeral,” which shows that even small daily transactions are the basis for strong personal ties.  When you tour with a local private guide, you get to experience these personal relationships, and as a result, you’re much less likely to be scammed. Plus, with a private guide, you’ll be able to make friends at every turn!

Never miss a memory

While you’re moving with the quick pace of the city, you may forget to take a moment to make a memory.  But, when you travel with a private guide in Istanbul, they’ll be sure to help you find the best places to stop, take a photo, and make a memory.  Not only do they know the best and most memorable spots, but they know the best times to go and the best ways to get there. Thanks to their expertise, you’ll be able to pack your visit to Istanbul full of experiences and memories!

Top private tours in Istanbul

The Best of Istanbul: Half Day Tour



€33.00 p.p.

When Europe Meets Asia: Full Day Tour



€52.50 p.p.

Istanbul’s Cultural Gems: Mosques & Museums



€63.50 p.p.

Top benefits of having a private local guide

  • Flexibility – you choose the hour, the day, the place.
  • Locals know their city – they were born or lived there for many ears, they know it by heart.
  • You can set your own itinerary – you pick what you’d like to do, everything can be personalized.
  • See hidden attractions – that only locals know about.
  • Get local tips – where to go, what to do, they know it all!
  • Saves time — no waiting for others, like on a regular tour group.
  • Cultural insights – learn more about the local lifestyle

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Marianna İbrahim

All About Mezes: Private Cooking Workshop

Ibrahim showed us how to prepare lots of different mezze and explained nuances between different dishes. Clear explanations and recipes and very friendly. And ofc the food is delicious. Would definitely recommend!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
James Aysegul

Private Turkish Breakfast with a Chef!

We both had a great tour with Aysegul, we not only learned a lot about the food and the culture of Istanbul but we also saw a lot more than we would have done on our own. Aysegul went out of her way to make the rest of our trip complete by sending through via WhatsApp lots of recommendations for Hamman, restaurants and many more tips. It definitely felt very personalised and more of a “local” experience with Aysegul. If we had our time again we would have asked even more questions and encouraged Aysegul to tell us even more about the day in the life of someone living in Istanbul .. definitely would
Recommend Aysegul to others thinking of combining breakfast with a local guide. James and Jasmina

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Frederic Riccardo

Best Views from the Asian Side Private Tour

I really enjoyed the tour in eastern Istanbul with Riccardo (11 Sept. 2018). First, I liked it because he’s good with language: we spoke (fluently) in English and French (he knows also Italian, Spanish and of course, Turkish) and he taught me some useful words in Turkish. Secondly, he’s a quite relax and flexible guy, so you feel really comfortable with him, and he’s open to adjust the tour in any way that you’d like. Finally, he knows interesting things about Istanbul...I’m glad to have met him and have done this tour.