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Shopping in The Netherlands

Are you someone that enjoys shopping on your holiday? The Netherlands will not disappoint you when it comes to shopping possibilities!

The most design shops, markets and shopping malls are located in the big cities. In the biggest cities the shopping areas are a combination of different shop streets and several indoor shopping malls. A private tour from a local experienced shopper will help you with finding the main shopping streets but also the small boutique shops with unique local designer clothes.

The big designer outlets are usually located in the outskirts of the cities and are easily accessible by car or public transport. If you are really looking for a good deal try one of the weekly outdoor markets in Amsterdam or Eindhoven. Here you can find cheap clothes and accessories while having the best local food around.

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Top Shopping Spots in The Netherlands

  • The Markthal experience in Rotterdam is the first indoor food marketplace in the Netherlands. The building itself is an architectural highlight. The market is filled with fresh fish, bread and meat but also lots cheese and vegetables.
  • The most luxurious shopping street of Amsterdam is called the Pc Hooftstraat. The street is internationally known for its chic and stylish ambiance.
  • The Heuvelgalerie is the biggest indoor shopping mall in the centre of Eindhoven. It consists of different levels and households some high end brands and all kinds of little boutiques.  
  • Most high end brand shops in Eindhoven can be found in a street called the Demer. This is the longest shopping street in Eindhoven.
  • The largest covered shopping mall in the Netherlands is located in Rotterdam. This shopping mall is called Zuidplein and it consists of 165 shops with all kind of brands.
  • Since 2010 a new sight came to live on one of the biggest squares in Eindhoven. This new building, known for its crazy looking architecture, is called the Blob. Inside the blob are some offices but also some nice shops.
  • The Piazza on the 18 september square in Eindhoven is a covered shopping mall with clothing shops.
  • The Kruiskade is a shopping street in Rotterdam with some famous high end brands, such as Hugo Boss or Michael Kors.
  • The Bijenkorf is a chain of warehouses which you can find in every big cities in the Netherlands. It consists of different level of more expensive brands, a restaurant and usually some pop up shops.
  • The Kalverstraat in Amsterdam is one of the busiest shopping streets in the Netherlands. It contains all kind of brands in different product categories.

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Unique Shopping Spots in The Netherlands

  • The best area in Eindhoven for small streets with boutiques shops is located within the Kleine en Grote berg (literally “little and small mountains”). Besides several clothing shops you will find some nice restaurants here so you can properly end your shopping day.
  • A famous local chain in the Netherlands where you can buy local food and non-food products is the HEMA.  
  • The Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam has developed in one of the most multicultural sights of Amsterdam.
  • A famous local lifestyle market in Rotterdam is the swan market.
  • Unique in its kind is the feel good market in Eindhoven. This is a lively market full of design art, fashion, regional ingredients, biological food and many more. Usually the people that sell the products are the ones who created the products.  
  • Unique in Amsterdam is the Puccini Bomboni. Puccini Bomboni is known for its high quality, hand made chocolate.

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