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Home Restaurants in The Netherlands

The Netherlands has become an example of how a multicultural society can be a positive influence for the kitchen. When going to a restaurant in one of the big cities in the Netherlands the choice of cuisine, quality and budget is almost overwhelming. Although the choice of cuisine is endless there are still some restaurants which stick to the traditional ingredients and dishes of the Dutch kitchen.

On several days in the week there are marketplaces where you can try some typical Dutch street food. Here you can taste several kinds of famous fish in the Netherlands such as “haring” or “kibbeling”.

An alternative to these restaurants or tasting street food is to eat with a local and really connect with the dutch culture. Let Withlocals connect you with a local host and enjoy a homemade dinner at your host’s place. You can even enjoy the company and food of several Michelin star chefs who would gladly invite you to their “home restaurant”.

Top Restaurants, The Netherlands

  • On Strijp S in Eindhoven an old powerhouse of Philips has been transformed into one of the hippest restaurants in Eindhoven. The restaurant is called Radio Royaal and the cool thing is that they kept the industrial look of the building. Radio Royaal has a French-german kitchen and is such a unique dining experience for both locals and travelers!
  • The Kerkstraat area in Eindhoven has witnessed a revolution the last years with dozens of new bars and restaurants opening up. One example is the Burger, a hip joint were a lot of young people come together to enjoy one of the delicious burgers on the menu.
  • For the Asian kitchen fanatics there will be enough choice in Amsterdam’s own Chinatown. Here you will find restaurants featuring Indonesian, Thai, Japanese and other Asian kitchens.
  • In Amsterdam it is possible to have a lunch or dinner at the water. For example, Café singel 404 is a popular place for locals to enjoy their lunch.
  • There are still several restaurants that serve traditional Dutch meals. In Amsterdam for example you can try Restaurantgreetje.
  • If you big fan of small bites combined with drinks and a good atmosphere then you should spend an evening at one of Bocas locations in Amsterdam. Say it with us: “super lekker!”
  • At the Markthal in Rotterdam many locals get their fresh food groceries. Besides that you will also have to chance to get a drink here and a small bite. The building itself is already worth the visit.
  • & samhoud places is a two star restaurant in Amsterdam. The unique aspect of this restaurant is that besides their luxurious restaurant they also serve street food below their restaurant. This way they are able to share their food in a more casual way.
  • Piet heijn eek is close to Strijp S in Eindhoven. Named after a famous designer this restaurant is located next to different art exhibitions and this is clearly noticeable in the restaurant’s atmosphere
  • Butler & Tabel is a new and unique concept in the centre of Eindhoven. This is not only a high quality restaurant but is also a shop and caterer

Restaurants, The Netherlands


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Restaurants, The Netherlands


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Restaurants, The Netherlands


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Traditional food in Restaurants, The Netherlands

  • “Hutspot” is one of the most traditional Dutch meals out there.
  • A typical dish for the cold winter times is called “Erwtensoep”.  It is the Dutch version of pea soup.
  • Two of the famous street foods in the Netherlands which you usually can get on the weekly marketplaces are “haring” and “kibbeling”.
  • Dutch locals are a huge fan of Pancakes, the word in Dutch is “pannenkoeken”.
  • The Netherlands have some snacks that are unknown in the rest of the world. The locals are especially very keen on their “frikandellen” and “kroketten”, deep fried meat snacks.
  • A local favorite is the Dutch liquorice called “drop”. This candy is available in sweet and salty flavours and is a popular souvenir.
  • Stew is a famous dish in the Netherlands. Every region has its own recipe for stew.