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Festivals in The Netherlands

Ready to party with the locals? There is a huge amount of music and cultural festivals in the Netherlands. These festivals variate from local festivals to big national festivals such as King’s day. The more local festivals are usually based on the local culture. The Carnaval in the South for example is a true southern tradition that proves crazy parties can even be inspired by religious celebrations. In Latin, “carne vale” means “farewell to flesh” and it anticipates the beginning of Lent.

Do you want experience these festivals in the Netherlands and learn more about the cultures in the most fun way? Let us set you up with a local in the Netherlands and allow yourself to really party like a local!

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Tops Festivals The Netherlands

  • The biggest national celebrated holiday is King’s day. On King’s Day Dutch people celebrate the birthday of their king.
  • On the biggest outdoor festivals worldwide known is Lowlands. This 3 days lasting festival is known for its diverse music and popular performances.
  • A true local festival which occurs every year in the south is the Carnaval. In every city and village there are parties and parades for five days in a row (from Friday ‘till Tuesday).
  • Pinkpop is the Netherlands oldest pop festival and is held each year around Pentecost weekend. It has grown from a small local festival to a big international festival with famous live performances each year.
  • One of the biggest outdoor dance events, located near Eindhoven is Extrema. This worldwide famous festival is held every year around a big lake. Famous worldwide DJs such as David Guetta, Major Lazer, and Hardwell have performed here.
  • Solar is located in the South of the Netherlands and is also known for being a very creative and colorful festival. You can camp here for three days and really experience an awesome weekend with locals
  • An annual event in Eindhoven is the Glow festival. During this week hundreds of thousands locals and tourists walk around Eindhoven to experience this beautiful light art event with dozens of light exhibitions and art installations.
  • Best Kept Secret is a smaller festival which claims to really focus on the music without a lot of show. The music varies from electronic dance music to hip hop, indie and rock. It is also known for its beautiful location in a nature park in the South of the Netherlands.
  • Each year during Sail Amsterdam around 600 ships sail across the IJhaven in Amsterdam. It is a very impressive sight and it’s very popular event for the proud locals of Amsterdam.
  • Each year the official launch of the cultural season always takes place at the Uitmarkt in Amsterdam. It’s a three days celebration of the Dutch cultural scene, but also a free festival with around 2.000 cultural performances.

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Most Popular Festivals The Netherlands

  • Lowlands is one of the biggest outdoor festivals in the Netherlands. The festival lasts for three days and has an international culture amongst their fans and artists. The biggest amount of visitors ever was 18.000 people.
  • Based on an old catholic tradition the Carnaval in Brabant and Limburg is a popular local festival. The locals party for five days in a row with music, parades and beer in every city and village in the South of the Netherlands. Want to experience this local festival? Be sure you don’t forget to bring a costume, you will need it!
  • In 2013 Willem Alexander became the official successor on the royal line, thus  being the first king in the Netherlands in 123 years.  This is why the national day changed its name from Queen’s Day to King’s Day. On this day people all over the country come together on squares and markets to celebrate this national occasion. If you want to experience this holiday and really party with the locals, bring something orange to wear to blend in, it will definitely help!
  • Pinkpop is the Netherlands oldest pop festival and is held each year around Pentecost weekend.