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Travel options in Eindhoven

When travelling through the Netherlands you will find out that there is good infrastructure. This counts for Eindhoven as well. Most roads are well maintained and also well lighted. But keep in mind that the Netherlands is quite densely populated and therefore it can be busy during the common travel hours. Most locals go to work between 7 and 8 and go back home between 5 and 6.

The same counts for public transportation, the different types of transportation are well regulated but it can be quite busy during the common travel hours. In Eindhoven the main way of public transportation are busses. When traveling to another city you can use a train.

As a tourist it is possible to get a temporally travel card which can be used for all kinds of public transportation, it’s called an OV-chipkaart and it’s way more convenient than getting single fares during your holiday.

  • A Sample of Real Indonesia in Eindhoven
  • Make music: Join a percussion workshop!
  • Photowalk: Learn & discover Eindhoven!
  • A Sample of Real Indonesia in Eindhoven
  • Singing workshop, no experience required!
  • Saturday afternoon Food tour
  • Dinner while enjoying a living room concert!
  • I am offering great home made sushi!
  • Yoga with the Yogameisjes
  • Yogic exercise in Stadswandelpark
  • Join a photo tour! learn & discover Eindhoven
  • Yoga with the Yogameisjes
  • Bubbles, Wines & Bites
  • Make music: Join a percussion workshop!
  • A Sample of Real Indonesia in Eindhoven

Public Transportation in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The most common way of transport that is being used by locals in the Netherlands is a bicycle. Most people in the Netherlands use it for the relative short distances. For example when going to school, shopping in their own city or when they work close to home. Bike trails in Eindhoven are very safe for the bikers. For the longer distances the locals use their car or public transportation.

For the public transport you can use a public transport chip card which includes all the forms of public transport. With this card people check in and out within public transport. How does it work? There is no separate transport card for tourists. So when arriving in Eindhoven you will have to purchase a so called OV-chipkaart. After purchasing this card you are able to upload money on this card so you can check in to different public transports. This card can be purchased at an information stand at the airport or central station.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Everybody's good at something! Learn from Eindhoven, The Netherlands locals and their cultures.

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Railway system in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Trains are the most common public transport for long distances and you can choose if you want travel first or second class. The second is cheaper than the first class but it’s still comfortable enough. But you can also spoil yourself and enjoy a luxurious private tour. Rent the car you’ve always dreamt to drive with some friends and enjoy a luxurious tour through Eindhoven.