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Private Tours in Eindhoven

Are you ready to experience one of the liveliest cities in the the Netherlands? Let Withlocals set you up with a local guide for a private tour in Eindhoven and let your host show you how much fun this city can really be. Eindhoven is one of the most undiscovered gems in the Netherlands. Most important for the city is the culture, art and fashion. Numerous venues throughout the city will illustrate the importance of these aspects, which you can discover on a customized tour. Besides the cultural facilities, Eindhoven has numerous bars, cafes, pubs, restaurants and clubs. There are different areas where you can enjoy the nightlife of Eindhoven. How awesome would it be to spend a night with a local and create unforgettable memories in Eindhoven? Eindhoven is also the “greenest city” of the biggest five cities of the Netherlands. Enjoy a private hiking tour or a cycling tour through the landscape of Eindhoven and its surrounding villages. The locals in Eindhoven are very proud of their city and would love to show you around in a private tour or invite you for a home dinner. Let Withlocals set you up with a local in Eindhoven and discover this lively city in the most exciting way.

Things to do in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • Being the new cultural heart of Eindhoven, Strijp S is famous among the locals. Strijp S used to be an old Philips complex and that’s why it still has a very industrial feel to it.
  • The central market also called the „markt” is a famous place for the locals to have a drink or something to eat, but the cool part is that after midnight the restaurants transform into bars.  
  • The largest bar street of the Netherlands is located in Eindhoven and is called Stratumseind. You should definitely go there for a fun night out!
  • If you have enough time in Eindhoven and you love being outdoors try visiting the villages surrounding Eindhoven. A private cycling tour with a local in the landscape surrounding Eindhoven will be a beautiful experience.
  • Piet Hein Eek is where design, art, food and meetings come together. This building has a restaurant, art gallery and a shop.
  • The biggest sport in the Netherlands is football or soccer. The biggest club of Eindhoven is PSV and you bet the locals are very proud of their club and stadium. A guided tour through the stadium is a must for the sport fans.
  • The most important building at the Strijp S is the Klokgebouw. It used to be one of the most important building of Philips during its industrial come up. Now it is one of the major venues in Eindhoven for music, design and art.
  • The main nature park in Eindhoven is called: Stadswandelpark (city hike park) Here you can simply get some rest on a sunny day, enjoy the beautiful nature and see how people are getting together in the middle of the city.
  • Explore the river the Dommel, an example of the beautiful landscape in Eindhoven.Fancy getting some workout during your traveling? A run along the river will get you refreshed and ready to enjoy more of the city!
  • Famous among the locals for its UFO-looking architecture, the Evoluon is really a spectacular site in Eindhoven.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Interesting facts about Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • The catholic tradition Carnaval is well celebrated in Eindhoven. For 5 days the city is filled with people in costumes that party all day long.
  • The most used form of transportation in Eindhoven are bicycles, you won’t believe how easily you can get by with a bike!
  • The most famous sport club in Eindhoven is PSV. On average 33.500 people visit the stadium during a game.
  • Because of their high rankings in worldwide innovative developments Eindhoven came up with their own city slogan: ´Eindhoven, leading in technology`
  • Philips, one of the biggest technological companies in the world was founded 124 years ago in Eindhoven. Because of the special connection between Eindhoven and Philips the locals came up with a nickname for Eindhoven: City of Light.
  • The people in Eindhoven love to party. The party agenda is always filled with dance parties and live performances.