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Best Museums in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is very active when it comes to art and design. You can see the artistic and design-related influence all throughout the city, from the city squares to its museums and industrial look in the hot spot called Strijp S. Therefore Eindhoven is really a good place for the culture lovers out there. Besides this Eindhoven is really proud of its history and growth over the last century. Museums like the Eindhoven museum, Philips museum and the Daf museum will illustrate this.

For a clear overview of all the most famous museums according to the locals see the list below.

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Great Museums in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • The Philips museum really highlights the strong and important connection between Eindhoven and Philips.
  • The international Van Abbe Museum in the centre of Eindhoven is one of Eindhoven’s cultural highlights.
  • One of the smallest museums of the Netherlands also has one of the largest international painting collections of the country. This museum is located in Eindhoven and is called the Inkijkmuseum (literally: “look in museum”). You can look at the paintings through the windows or book a private visit.
  • DAF is one of the largest truck producers in Europe. The organization has its roots in Eindhoven. You will learn more about the history of the company in the impressive DAF museum.
  • Within a ten minute walk from the central station you will find Kelderman en van Noort. At this awesome setting art, food, drinks and music come together in a perfect mix.
  • The locals are very proud of their local football club PSV, take a look at their impressive PSV football stadium located in the city center. Also, check out the museum within the stadium, a treat for the football lovers.
  • Another cool museum is Mu and it’s located in Strijp S with a focus on modern art mixed with design, fashion, music and architecture.
  • In the Genneper Parken the Eindhoven Museum will show you the landscape, culture and way of life of Eindhoven’s first generations.
  • The Designhuis is located in the centre, close to the nightlife of Eindhoven. The Designhuis showcases a constantly changing exhibition with design as main subject.
  • Next to the Bergen area you will find the Kazerne. There are several exhibitions taking place here but it is also a place where you can lunch, have dinner or get a drink.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Traditional Museums in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • Philips made the rapid growth of the city possible. By the end of 1890 Philips became the largest industrial company of the country. This gave a lot of people in Eindhoven the opportunity to get a job. With several interactive exhibitions the Philips museum showcases the most important and interesting aspects of the company.
  • The Eindhoven museum is a really fun way to get to know the history of the city. The outdoors museums shows the life of the local community during the prehistory and the middle ages. Everything is built on real scale and you are able to walk around these reconstructed villages.
  • Located next to the river the Dommel the Van Abbe museum mainly showcases modern art. In 2003 the museum opened a new building which truly is a spectacular sight itself. Inside there are around 2700 artistic works such as Picasso, Kandinsky and Mondrian.

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