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Festivals in Eindhoven

Throughout the year there are a lot of organized festivals in Eindhoven. Of course there are some national holidays which are also celebrated in Eindhoven. But besides these national festivals there are many local art, design and music festivals to find in Eindhoven.

Some festivals are truly build on local traditions such as Carnaval. This festival is only celebrated in the South of the Netherlands and you’re definitely in for a great time!

Ready to go crazy with the people in Eindhoven and do you want to learn more about the local culture in the most fun way? Get in touch with a local in Eindhoven and enjoy the most fun festivals!

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  • Yoga with the Yogameisjes
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  • Yogic Breathwalk in Stadswandelpark

Great Festivals in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • An annual event in Eindhoven is the Glow festival. During this week hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists walk around Eindhoven to experience this beautiful light art event with dozens of light exhibitions and art installations.
  • On of the biggest dance festivals in the Netherlands is Extrema Outdoor. This festival is located at a nearby village and always welcomes the most famous DJs around the world. David Guetta, Major Lazer, and Hardwell are examples of DJs that have performed here.
  • Based on an old catholic tradition the Carnaval in Brabant and Limburg is a popular local festival where everybody dresses up in fun and crazy costumes.
  • Do you miss the awesome music from the 80’s and the 90’s? Than you should definitely go to a We love the 80’s & 90’s party. These parties are usually held a couple of times a year in Eindhoven at different locations. Try Efenaar!
  • A Spanish tradition that has been embraced by the local community in Eindhoven is the Tuna Festival. Once a year around thirty Spanish tuna bands travel to Eindhoven to perform here.
  • A famous international festival in Eindhoven is the Dutch Design Week. This an annual nine-day event with all kind of exhibitions, workshops, seminars and many more.
  • In 2013 Willem Alexander became the official successor on the royal line, thus being the first king in the Netherlands in 123 years. This is why the national day changed its name from Queen’s Day to King’s Day. On this day people all over the country come together on squares and markets to celebrate this national occasion. If you want to experience this holiday and really party with the locals bring something orange to wear to blend in.
  • For twenty years in a row Eindhoven Culinair has taken place in Eindhovens city park. This festival is all about food, music and theatre.
  • Most dance festivals take place in the Klokgebouw and Beursgebouw. Famous worldwide Djs perform on these festivals.
  • Each year the local community celebrates the end of the German occupation during the Second World War. The event is called the Lichtjesroute (light route), it is a lighted route throughout the whole city. It starts on the 18th of December (day of liberation in Eindhoven) and the lights will stay on for three weeks.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Local Festivals in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • The Dutch Design Week is a big international festival during which several aspects of design are showcased. The festival takes place at three areas in the city, these areas are: the inner city, Strijp and East Eindhoven. There are free cabs that will bring you from area to area.
  • During the Carnaval the locals party for five days in a row with music and parades.This festival is celebrated in every city and village in the South of the Netherlands. In Latin, “carne vale” means “farewell to flesh” and it anticipates the beginning of Lent.  
  • Want to experience this local festival? Be sure you don’t forget to bring a costume, you will need it!
  • The Tuna tradition is from origin a Spanish tradition. Tuna’s are spanish bands usually formed by students. Eindhoven was the first city in which Tuna’s performed outside of Spain. After some organized festivals in the 90’s it slowly turned into an annual event. This annual Tuna Festival, during which bands perform throughout the whole city, takes place in the end of September.