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Top Attractions in Eindhoven

Eindhoven has several attractions located within and around the centre of the city. These attraction are usually easy to reach by car or public transportation. Want to do some sightseeing? You might as well go for a stroll in the city center and you’ll quickly get a feeling of what are the main attractions. But there are also some local gems that are maybe less famous for outsiders but will certainly impress you.

Looking for those cool places that locals go to? Think that the best way to discover and experience these attractions! It’s definitely by meeting up with a local and get by with him or her as a guide.

  • Yoga with the Yogameisjes
  • A Sample of Real Indonesia in Eindhoven
  • Cooking workshop: Authentic Indonesian dishes
  • Bike tour through Eindhoven with picnic
  • Cooking workshop: Authentic Indonesian dishes
  • A Sample of Real Indonesia in Eindhoven
  • Creative Workshop: making stamps!
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  • Delicious dinner in industrial loft setting
  • Creative Workshop: making stamps!
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  • Yoga with the Yogameisjes
  • Make music: Join a percussion workshop!
  • Tour of the world with delicious food
  • Creative Workshop: making stamps!

Great Attractions in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • Big fan of the theater? Then the Parktheater in Eindhoven will guarantee you an enjoyable evening. With its beautiful building and wide range of different performances the Parktheater is one of Eindhoven’s cultural highlights.
  • Next to the theater you will find a beautiful piece of nature in Eindhoven. Here you will find the Citypark, a lovely hiking and relaxing area for the locals.
  • Discover Strijp S and wonder around one of the art galleries you’ll find there. There are even interactive exhibitions for children such as the Ontdekfabriek (discover factory).
  • A true local gem is the PSV stadium. Different than most of the football stadiums in the Netherlands, the PSV stadium is located in the heart of the city giving football lovers easy access to its museum and cool cafe.
  • Within a half an hour drive from the centre of Eindhoven you will reach the Beekse Bergen, a great opportunity to take a safari tour and discover some awesome wildlife.
  • There is a wide offer of museums in Eindhoven. Some examples are the Philips museum, PSV museum or van Abbe museum.
  • Famous among the locals for its UFO-looking architecture, the Evoluon is really a spectacular site in Eindhoven.
  • The most famous amusement park nearby Eindhoven is the Efteling, a theme park resort that will make feel like you’re part of a fairytale.
  • There are some spectacular churches located in the centre of Eindhoven, walk in and get inspired by the simple interior and impressive outside architecture.
  • Want to take a swim on a good day? Try the outdoor swimming area called the Ljzeren man (the iron man). It is a unique piece of nature in the middle of the city where you can truly relax and have a nice swim.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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Local Attractions in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • There are several Catholic churches located throughout the centre. The most famous one which is located in the middle of the centre surrounded by Eindhoven’s nightlife is the Catharina Church. This church is also one of the highlights during the Glow festival in Eindhoven. During this festival the church is the stage of a beautiful light show.
  • The biggest and most famous amusement park of the Netherlands is located nearby Eindhoven and is called The Efteling. The park combines some exciting rollercoaster with its typical fairy tale atmosphere. In 2014 the park was chosen second best park of Europe. The Efteling will provide you with a day of good fun for young and old.
  • The upcoming cultural and creative center in Eindhoven is called Strijp S and is located within a former Philips complex. After a long period of time when nothing went on there, the complex became a place for entrepreneurs and artists. Strijp S is now a famous place for visitors during the international event - Dutch Design Week.

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