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Top attractions in The Netherlands

There is huge amount of famous attractions in the Netherlands. The most famous attractions include national museums, attractions parks, the Dutch coast or witnessing old Dutch traditions. The main attractions are easy accessible by car or by public transport.

The locals in the Netherlands are very proud of the main attractions in their region. So how cool would it be to meet up with locals and have them show you their main attractions? Set up a private tour with a local and enjoy a cycle tour through the heart of Amsterdam or Eindhoven for example.

There is always something to see, learn or do in the Netherlands. Not convinced? Try looking into the most famous attractions listed below.

  • Amsterdam LGBTQ Rainbow Tour
  • Personalized Photography Workshop & City Tour
  • Historic Amsterdam Hidden Courtyards and Canal Tour
  • 90 Minutes Amsterdam Kickstart Tour
  • Red Light District Tour with a Local
  • Windmills Day Trip to Zaanse Schans by Car
  • Private Amsterdam World War II Tour
  • Delicious Chocolate Tasting Amsterdam
  • Private Day Trip to Holland's Hidden Gem: Enkhuizen
  • Zaanse Schans Windmills Tour
  • Magical Zaanse Schans Windmills with Your Kids!
  • The Sweet Family like a Local Tour
  • Delicious Dutch Treat: Homemade Pancakes!
  • Dutch Countryside private bout tour with drinks
  • Delicious Dutch Treat: Homemade Pancakes!

Top Things to do in the The Netherlands

  • A fun thing to do for all ages is visiting the Efteling. The Efteling is a famous attraction park based on different fairytales with a cozy Dutch style to it. The Efteling is located in the south of the Netherlands close to the city of Tilburg.
  • One of the most important national museums of the Netherlands is the Rijksmuseum. this museum has just been renovated and now shows over 8000 objects telling the story of 800 years of Dutch history from 1200 ‘till this day.
  • After a huge flood in the 50’s the Netherlands had to improve their protective constructions. This is how the project Delta works came to life, a huge complex designed to shorten the coast and decrease the danger of a next flood.
  • Being one the most known features of the Netherlands, the typical Dutch windmills are still a famous sight for tourists. There are still some old authentic windmills active that you should absolutely visit!
  • With its rich history the Keukenhof is the biggest showcase of the Dutch floricultural industry, a beautiful park filled with the most colourful flowers. a great homage to the country's official flower, the tulip.
  • A typical sight in Amsterdam includes the canals that run straight through the middle of the city. There is a lot to do around these canals. A boat tour might be fun, but even better, we suggest that you meet up with a local and discover the hidden places around  the canals.
  • On a sunny day the Dutch coast is definitely worth a visit. With large beaches and a lots of good bars and restaurant at the coast there is enough to do to fill up a nice summer day.
  • Madurodam is a miniature version of the Netherlands. You will find small version of historical buildings or you can control a small version of a container ship in the Rotterdam harbor. A lot of things to do and to see for young and old.
  • The locals are very proud of their high quality cheeses. Therefore visiting one of the traditional Cheese Markets will give you good picture of the Dutch culture. The most famous one is located in Alkmaar.
  • Located in the middle of the Netherlands you will find on of the most beautiful and well preserved nature areas of the Netherlands. The area is called the Veluwe and it consists of 1000km2 of forest area with all kinds of wildlife.

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Typical Dutch Sights The Netherlands

  • As mentioned before there are still several windmills active in the Netherlands. A place where a couple of these active windmills are located is called Kinderdijk. Maintained by local volunteers this beautiful landscape is a famous place amongst tourists and locals. Stroll alongside the windmills, explore the landscape by bike or even find out how these authentic windmills work.
  • On the first summer day of the year the Dutch people  can’t wait for their first day at the beach. There are several popular beaches at The Dutch coast. A couple of these famous beaches are: Schevening, Noordwijk, Zandvoort and Bloemendaal. These beaches are very outstretched and are perfect for a long walk. There are several restaurants and bars available where they usually serve local fish.
  • As an answer to the biggest national nature disaster of the Netherlands the government responded with the development of a new defence systems for floods. This huge complex called the Deltawerken (Deltaworks) was build to prevent new floodings in the Netherlands.