Travel options in Amsterdam

The city is full of amazing spots you can see and you might wonder how to get from one to the other.Traveling in Amsterdam, however, is fairly simple and can be accomplished either by train/tram or by bike. Here are a few tips on how to go around the city.

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How to travel in Amsterdam

  • The Bicycle
    The Netherlands is commonly known for its abundance of bicycles and corresponding bicycle paths. On average there are two bikes per person in the Netherlands. It therefore shouldn't come as a surprise that the most used method of transportation to travel in Amsterdam is the bike. Bicycles can be rented all over the city, and your private guide can not only help you find them but can also enlighten you on some of the basic biking rules so that you avoid getting hurt or hurting others. Dutch children under 12 are required to take a bike driver's license to learn the rules, and there's a reason: locals bike fast to get to work/school/home and a small mistake on your side can potentially be dangerous to everyone around you as well as yourself. Bike like a true local with the help of your guide! It's the best thing to do in Amsterdam!
  • The OV Chipkaart
    The Netherlands highly prides itself for their public transportation and with a valid reason; their trains, trams, and buses are modern, easy to use, and mostly always on time. Buying tickets as you go seems like the easiest route to take, but any local will be able to tell you that it makes everything a lot more expensive for you. Instead, your local guide will advise you to get an OV Chipkaart, a small electronic card which is rechargeable and works for all methods of public transportation in all of the Netherlands. The card can be purchased at any train station (including the one at Schiphol Airport) at the yellow machines (they have English menus), has a reasonable price. After that, you simply load money on it and go along your way.
  • The Train
    The Dutch train system, NS NL, is fairly easy to navigate, but can still be rather intimidating to those who are not locals. Traveling to Amsterdam via the airport is simple as it is specifically designed for tourists, and Dutch people are typically welcoming and mostly all of them speak English, so it is easy to ask for help. The OV Chipkaart can be used to travel in Amsterdam’s trains.
  • The Tram
    Last but definitely not least, Amsterdam’s trams are the best and easiest way to travel in Amsterdam. Your local guide can easily tell you all the major tram stops which will give you access to all of Amsterdam's main attractions. Once again, the OV Chipkaart is your access key to this method of transportation.

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€22.00 p.p.

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We had a great trip with Nuno. He picked us up early so we avoided the crowds, and we were able so see many of the sights without too many people around. He suggested really good places to eat and was very knowledgeable about all of the sights. He was very accommodating with timing and we never felt rushed, even though we saw way more than we had hoped! Thank you, Nuno!

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Elisabetta Vannee

Cooking Class at Classic Home Cooking School

I had a wonderful experience with Vannee, discovering Thai cuisine! Her husband and she came to pick me up at the hostel where I ws staying and they brought me to a local market, where Vannee explained to me the different herbs and vegetables. As soon as I told her that I love coconut and that I liked trying khao soi she decided to make me cook exactly those dishes. She is really nice and speaks good English so it’s easy to learn, and you even get a book with all Thai recipes inside! Definitely recommended!