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Home restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is able to compete with other big European cities when it comes to the quality and diversity of restaurants. Whether you are looking for a traditional Dutch cuisine, a Spanish tapas bar or a an Asian restaurant there will be a high quality restaurant available that will fit your style. However, if you are really looking for a unique dining experience then let us set you up with a local. This way you can have a nice homemade dinner with an Amsterdam-based family. The best way to get the culture is at the dining table!

If there’s one thing you can’t find in a restaurant, that’s the cozy atmosphere and the interesting chats with people that live in Amsterdam. It’s such a personal experience that it makes memories last forever, whereas you’ll forget the name of a nice restaurant in a couple of months. But you’ll always remember Marijn and Inge that cooked this delicious Indonesion-inspired fusion for you while providing you with valuable insights in the Dutch culture and society. They might not have an official menu, but the food provided will taste delicious for sure and you will get all the insides of the city and all the amazing things to do in Amsterdam.

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Great Places to Eat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • There are several restaurants that serve traditional Dutch meals. In Amsterdam for example you can try Restaurantgreetje.
  • For the Asian kitchen fanatics there will be enough choice in Amsterdam’s own Chinatown.
  • In Amsterdam it is possible to have a lunch or dinner at the waterside. For example, Café singel 404 is a popular place for locals to enjoy their lunch next to the canal.
  • In the mood for small bites combined with drinks and a good atmosphere? Try spending an evening at one of Bocas locations in Amsterdam. Say it with us: “super lekker!”
  • & samhoud places is a two star restaurant in Amsterdam. Besides serving food in their luxurious restaurant, they also serve street food below it.
  • Located in the same area as the Ajax stadium, the Grand Caf 3&20 is a perfect spot to eat or drink something before a football match or concert.
  • There are enough possibilities in Amsterdam if you like to eat out during breakfast. The Bakkerswinkel is a bakkery where you can have a good start of the day in the old centre of Amsterdam.
  • East57 combines a coffee bar, shop, restaurant and winebar in one nice looking location.
  • Looking for something unique? The Kas is lrestaurant & nursery located in an former greenhouse where everything is about pure, homegrown ingredients.
  • Located in the pittoresque Jordaan area restaurant Moeders (Mothers) is known for its cozy atmosphere.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Have an authentic meal at a local families home. Experience the real food of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Enjoy a trip through the eyes of a local. Get the ultimate tour in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Everybody's good at something! Learn from Amsterdam, The Netherlands locals and their cultures.

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Traditional Food in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • A typical Amsterdam sandwich is a sandwich called “halfom” that has two types of meat and is originally an Jewish recipe.
  • Dutch locals are a huge fan of pancakes or “pannenkoeken”. These “pannenkoeken” are similar to the Frenches crepes, but thicker and usually served with ingredients such as bacon, cheese or even fruit.
  • Amsterdam has its own traditional  sweet bread called “duivekater, mostly consumed during holidays such as Easter and Christmas.
  • Two of the famous street foods in the Netherlands which you usually can get on the weekly marketplaces are “haring” and “kibbeling”. These are two types of fish which are mostly consumed during lunch.
  • A favorite recipe of the locals is mussels, the Dutch call it “mosselen”. If you ever have the chance to order a big pan of “mosselen”, go for it!
  • A kletskop is a small and crunchy cookie which is perfect with a cup of tea or coffee.

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