Best Markets in Amsterdam

There are so many reasons why you should ask your local host to show you around a market. Whether you’re in it to buy something, or just want to stroll around, it’s the perfect place to feel the vibe of the city like a local. There are plenty of markets in Amsterdam, check out our favorites!

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The Best local markets in Amsterdam

1. The Albert Cuypmarkt – The Famous One Among Dutchies

Ask your local guide, or any other person in The Netherlands, to name a few markets in Amsterdam and the Albert Cuypmarkt will be the first they’ll come up with. Located in De Pijp, you won’t find anything more typical Amsterdam than this street. With a history of more than a century, this market, and in fact the entire neighbourhood, simply breathes whatever Amsterdam stands for.

With over 260 stands, this is also the biggest daily market of Europe. It’s open Monday to Saturday between 9.00 and 17.00. 17.00 o’clock is Dutch borreltijd, so ask your local guide to take you to a traditional Amsterdam bar in the area for a beer and bitterballen, a typical Dutch treat. Definitely a one of the most awesome things to do in Amsterdam!

2. The Bloemenmarkt – Flowers on Water

Whereas the Albert Cuypmarkt is truly for locals, there are also markets in Amsterdam, which have international fame. Your host will probably have the Bloemenmarkt, the Flowermarket, at the top of his or her list. The Netherlands is known for its flowers and water management. Did you know without that, Amsterdam would be under water? Ask your personal guide to tell you more about it!

The stands at this market offer their Dutch flowers right next to the canal, so the colorful view is awesome. Stroll around, be amazed by all the beautiful colours and buy some tulpenbollen for your family back home. It’s open every day until 17.30.

3. The NeighbourFood Market – Local ‘GoodFood’

Any local guide will tell you that trendy Amsterdammers are into all organic stuff. There are numerous smaller markets in Amsterdam to cater their needs, but try the NeighbourFood Market. This market takes place once or twice a month and brings together the best local food providers – from bakeries and restaurants to expats their comfort food from back home and yoga teachers introducing the vegan lifestyle to you.

Make sure to ask their stories when you try their food! The NeighbourFood Market takes place at the Westergasfabriek, which is a creative hotspot in town. Ask your guide to tell you more about the music, theatre and fashion events that take place here during your stay.

4. Antiekcentrum Amsterdam – For every era that isn’t now

When you tell your guide you’re into vintage, they will take you to the Antiekcentrum Amsterdam. Don’t get fooled by the name! The place is not only about antique. It will live up to the expectations of anyone interested in an era that isn’t now. You will also find cool vintage items from the 60s and 70s as well as Art Deco objects.

The doors open seven days a week at 11.00. During workdays they close at 18.00, in the weekend at 17.00. For more history, ask your guide to walk you through the 9 Straatjes. This area is known for its boutiques, but it’s actually one of the most stunning neighbourhoods of the city when it comes to architecture. Your host can show you numerous buildings and tell you about their rich history.

5. Yada Yada Market – Experience the world’s culture

All Amsterdam markets which your local guide will show you, have a cultural tone to them, simply because it’s such a culturally diverse city. However, if you want to truly experience all the cultures that come together in this capital, make sure your private guide shows you around the Yada Yada Market.

This food court let’s you taste all the flavours of the world, but also offers music, theatre, fashion and interior wanna haves. It’s 15 minutes from the city centre by public transport, but better yet: get there by boat! You’ll see the city literally from a different angle and while you’re at it, your local guide can show you all the famous buildings you’ll sail by. It’s open every Friday (16.00-22.00), Saturday and Sunday (12.00-20.00).

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