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Holidays in Amsterdam

Holidays in Amsterdam are more less the same as the rest of the Netherlands. The most holidays are based on the same traditions as everywhere else in the country. The few differences that exist are based on the geographical positioning of the cities. As in most countries, there’s quite a difference between the North and South.

Most holidays in the Netherlands have religious roots although nowadays only around half of the citizens indicates to belong to a certain religion. MOst of the times, there is a lot of activities on those days, so there are a varity of Things to do for everybody. Examples of these traditions where people usually get a couple of days off are Easter, Ascension day, Pentecost and Christmas. Fun fact: Labour Day is not a free day in the Netherlands, so the locals celebrate it by working!

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Official Holidays in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • anuay: As in the most countries the Dutch people get a day off on the 1st of january. Therefore, most shops are also closed during this day.
  • February: In February students get a week off. In the South the locals celebrate Carnaval during this week.  
  • April: In April the Dutch celebrate the birthdate of their king Willem Alexander during Kings Day.
  • May: During May the students get a week off. In May the Dutch also celebrate the end of their occupation by nazi Germany during the second world war. Liberation day is celebrated on the 5th of May.
  • June/July/August  The start of the summer holiday for Dutch students. October: In October students get one week off during the autumn holiday
  • December: in December the Dutch do not only celebrate Christmas but they also celebrate the holiday of Sinterklaas.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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