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Top things to do in The Netherlands

There are numerous tourists attractions in the Netherlands consisting of cultural highlights, beautiful nature parks or traditional Dutch events. These so called “things to do” can of course be arranged with groups of tourists with tours that show the same spots each time.

But it might be more fun to set up a private tour with a local and let them show the real local experiences! This way, you’ll do their favorite activities and see the hidden gems of their own city. Learn more about the locals’ way of living by taking a look at the things to do in Amsterdam and Eindhoven!

  • Spend the Day Like a Real Amsterdamer
  • Tasty Local Evening: Dutch Home Dinner
  • Windmills, Cheese & Traditions: Zaanse Schans Tour
  • Photowalk: Learn & discover Eindhoven!
  • Amsterdam LGBTQ Rainbow Tour
  • Brussels Day Trip from Amsterdam
  • Bike tour through Eindhoven with picnic
  • Amsterdam Cheese & Wine Tasting Tour
  • Christmas shopping in Amsterdam
  • Red Light District Tour with a Local
  • Delicious dinner in industrial loft setting
  • Red Light District Pub Tour
  • Bike Like a Local Private Tour
  • Christmas in the City: Shopping in Amsterdam
  • Off the Beaten Track Tour: East Amsterdam

Top things do to in The Netherlands

  • The beautiful Canals of Amsterdam run straight to the center of the city. Walk along the canals, go on a boat tour or have some fun and hire a canal bike.
  • Of course visiting the Netherlands cannot be done without seeing a typical symbol like the authentic windmills.
  • For a look into the Dutch art from the middle ages until modern art you can endlessly walk around or take a tour through the recently renovated Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
  • The upcoming cultural and creative center in Eindhoven is called Strijp S. Strijp S is located within a former Philips complex. After a long still stand of the complex it became a place for entrepreneurs and artists. Strijp S is a famous place for visitors during the international visited event: Dutch Design Week.
  • Are you a big fan nature? Try a local hiking tour in the beautiful landscape of Limburg in the south of the Netherlands.
  • Opened for public and famous with tourists as well as locals is the Anne Frank House.
  • The west coast is partially known for their beautiful and outstretched beaches. If you are lucky with the weather try visiting Scheveningen, Zandvoort and Bloemendaal.
  • Less famous than the usual highlights in Amsterdam but certainly not less beautiful is the Begijnhof, one of the oldest inner courts of the city.
  • Want to discover the endless bars, pubs and clubs in the longest bar street of the Netherlands. Meet up with a local and discover the nightlife of Eindhoven at Stratumseind.
  • Located in the middle of the Netherlands you will find one of the most beautiful and well preserved nature areas of the Netherlands. It’s called Veluwe and it consists of 1000 square km of  forest area with all kinds of wildlife

The Netherlands


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The Netherlands


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The Netherlands


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Facts about The Netherlands

  • Biking is one the most popular ways of transportation in the Netherlands. The infrastructure for bikers is also well regulated, making it a heaven to cycling lovers!
  • 26% of The Netherlands is below sea level. Fortunately there are dikes that will prevent flooding in case of emergencies.
  • The highest point of the Netherlands is only 321 meters above sea level.
  • With 5 djs in the top 10 best djs in the world being Dutch, the Netherlands is one of the biggest exporters of dance music. You can definitely have a good party in the Netherlands!
  • Amsterdam even has more bicycles than residents.
  • Most Dutch people are very strict about dinner time. Most locals eat dinner the same time every day and this mostly varies between 5 and 6 p.m. It is also considered impolite to ring the door or call someone during this time.
  • Dutch people often mash their food. The Dutch even came up with a verb for this, it is called “prakken”.