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In Thailand, to travel to neighbor countries, crossing borders or merely to get around within cities has always been easy. Various method of transportations can be used in order to get around within Thailand. You can always use the public transportation such as MRT (underground), trains and buses. You may buy your tickets on the spot for the public transportation or via travel agents. Most firms are honest and solvent hence travelers should not worry about this matter. Next to that, if you are daring-type of travelers, you may as well try to rent a car. Passenger vehicles (e.g., car, van, truck or motorcycle) can be brought into Thailand for tourist purposes for up to six months. Documents needed for the crossing are a valid International Driving Permit, passport, vehicle registration papers (in the case of a borrowed or hired vehicle, authorization from the owner) and a cash or bank guarantee equal to the value of the vehicle plus 20%.

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  • The Courageous Kitchen by BKKFatty
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  • Stay Overnight in a Hill Tribe Village in Kanchanaburi
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