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Climate & Weather in Thailand

Thailand has a relatively hot temperature throughout the year. It can vary from 28°C - 40°C. The Thailand climate is controlled by tropical monsoons and the weather in Thailand is generally hot and humid across most of the country. Further, Thailand’s seasons are generally divided into the hot season, cool season, and rainy season. The best time to visit most of the Thailand is between November and February, because it rains the least and it is not too hot. This period is also Thailand’s main season for festivals, like Loi Krathong. Although the rainy season (roughly July to October) gets a bad reputation, there are some bonuses: Temperatures tend to be cooler, tourists are fewer and the landscape is lush and green. Depending on the region and the month, the rains might be hour-long downpours in the afternoon. October, however, tends to be the wettest month.

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