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Best Activities in Chiang Rai

Withlocals is the marketplace where you can find all kinds to do in all kinds of place, so too in the beautiful Thai province Chiang Rai. Since Chiang Rai is located in the middle of beautiful natural sources, there are a lot of activities to do in Chiang Rai. You could for example go hiking in the beautiful and close located mountains or go camping in an authentic Akha village (a real hill tribe). In Chiang Rai, you just need to prepare yourself to do some activities whereof you never thought you would do them!

Activities Chiang-rai, Thailand

Boomerang Adventure Park:
This park is specialized in rock climbing. There are two limestone cliffs for climbing routes, hiking routes to Lion Hill cave, a 160m zip line and the largest bamboo swing in the world. It is located 3 km northwestern of Chiang Mai town. For the adventures among us, an absolutely thing to do for a cheap price (1200 baht a day with instructor).
**Night Market:**
Shopping in the night market at Chiang Rai offers you lots of Thai souvenir, varying from clothes in small shops to hill-tribe handicrafts spread out on the grounds. If you become tired from al the shopping, you can take a break at the food court or the beer garden.
**Hill-tribe trekking:**
The Doi Tung, Doi Mae Salong and Doi Pa Tang are popular areas for trekkings, but less touristic than in Chiang Mai. Leave the busy city and see the nature and jungle on foot or on the back of an elephant. You can visit several hill tribe villages and see their authentic living style.

Chiang-rai, Thailand


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Chiang-rai, Thailand


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Chiang-rai, Thailand


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