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Travel options in Chiang Mai

There are various ways of transportation in Chiang-Mai. The most popular one is is the Songthaew. This vehicle is the most popular on the local population. In this shared taxi, you can sit on either of the two bench seat in the back of the bus. They are used for traveling in the cities and for traveling between towns. Another popular way of transportation is by Tuk Tuk. It is a quik way to get around and will cost you only 30-40 baht. If you prefer traveling by a normal taxi, this is also possible. There are metered taxi's you can take. Check the section below for traveling to Chiang-Mai.

Travel to Chiang-mai, Thailand

By train
There is a direct connection between Bangkok and Chiang Mai by train. The journey takes about 12 hours, a little bit longer than the bus but more comfortable.
**By bus**
Most busses depart from Mochid (Bangkok North-station) to Chiang Mai. Stand 25-35 are all offering these transfers. You can buy 1st class chairs (±500 baht), 2nd class chairs (±400 baht) and VIP chairs (±600-1000 baht). The trip takes about 10-12 hours.
**By car**
The fastest route is highway 1 to Lampang and then highway 11 to Chiang Mai.

Chiang-mai, Thailand


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Chiang-mai, Thailand


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Chiang-mai, Thailand


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