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Things to do in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has even more to offer than elephant rides, temples and adventures activities. Before you run out of money, Chiang Mai also offers some free things to do. You can take Tai Chi lessons. Join the locals for a free Tai Chi workout at the Nuan Buak Haad Park at 6 AM. Cliff jumping at the Canyon: This is the ideal place for a hot day. About 20 minutes outside the city to Hang Dong, you will find the Obkhan National Park. This peaceful location is excellent for swimming (clean blue water!) and cliff jumping. Climb a waterfall! Become Spiderman and climb the Bua Tong Waterfall (or Sticky Waterfall). The lime deposits in the water turned into convenient steps which makes it possible and safe to climb the waterfall. It is about one hour towards Phrao (45 km) into the Mae Taeng National Forest.

Chiang-mai, Thailand


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Chiang-mai, Thailand


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Chiang-mai, Thailand


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