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Tours in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the most diverse cities in Thailand, which located among the highest mountains in the country and along the Ping River. Such landscape provides great opportunities for spectacular hiking and camping tours.

Chiang Mai is considered to be the capital of the North and is the second most-visited city of Thailand after Bangkok. Chiang Mai has numerous Buddhist temples (those are called “wat” in Thai) which makes a great attraction to join one of the tours which will bring to the ones which are worth visiting. Throughout the year several Thai festivals are hosted in the city, so if you are visiting city during one of such periods, join locals and enjoy. Local hosts at Withlocals can also show you the true beauty of such festival and their hometown. They can create a private customized tour to suit all your needs and wants.

Food is very important in Thai culture, and cuisine in Chiang Mai is not an exception. An old Thai tradition herei is Khantoke dinner, which is offered by a host to guests at different occasions like weddings, housewarmings and also funerals. Through Withlocals you can find local host who are more than happy to invite you to their house for a traditional home-cooked dinner. Fancy something more simple? Then join street food tour and explore the greatest food stalls of Chiang Mai. Host at Withlocals, can make your stay at Chiang Mai unforgettable, either through a personalized tour, home-cooked dinner or a workshop.

Fun facts about Chiang-mai, Thailand

  • 69.2% of Chiang Mai is covered by mountains and forest.
  • You can participate in the Miss Strawberry Contest on the 11th till the 14th February.
  • Some elephants can paint and play football.
  • You can play basketball with monkeys.
  • Monks who accept money are fake.
  • The first road to the Wat Phra That Doi Sethup was built in 1935.
  • Chiang Mai has its own Umbrella Factory which is very useful during the rainy season.

Chiang-mai, Thailand


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Chiang-mai, Thailand


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Chiang-mai, Thailand


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