Travel options in Bangkok

With so many things to do in Bangkok and tons of places to see, you want to make sure you have your traveling plans figured out. Here are some details regarding transportation methods, which will surely help you out.

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Travel options in Bangkok

Private driver - The best possible way to travel if you want to see the city and its surroundings is with a private driver. They’ll be able to bring you to the best places in Bangkok, while also telling you stories about them and their history. Nothing compares to a tour made by a local guide!

Taxi - There’s never a taxi too far away no matter where you are in Bangkok, and they’ll usually take you to wherever you want to go. During off-peak traffic times there is usually little to no traffic congestion meaning you can travel in Bangkok by taxi with ease.

Buses - The Bangkok bus system can be quite a challenging way to travel in Bangkok at first with multiple routes and stops. The network allows you to get where you want though and simply staring out of the window onto Bangkok street life can be quite revealing. Some newer, air-conditioned buses do operate and some BTS stations even offer free metro services to certain routes.

Motorbike taxi - They may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but if you like a bit of an adventure, then the motorbike taxis make an excellent way to travel in Bangkok. Able to cut through the traffic like a knife through butter, the taxi motorbikes make it to the front of the queue potentially cutting the travel time to a fraction of what it would otherwise be. Of course they’re not really suitable if you have luggage, and they’re not the best choice if it’s raining, but they are otherwise ideal if you want get somewhere reasonably local, quickly.

Top local tours in Bangkok

The Best of Bangkok Private Tour



€37.00 p.p.

Share a Morning with Thai Monks


€25.00 p.p.

Ultimate Local Floating Market & Boat Tour



€27.00 p.p.

Travel options in Bangkok

Tuk-Tuk - An iconic symbol of Bangkok and Thailand in general is the Tuk-Tuk, a 3 wheeler, open aired vehicle that can often be seen around the tourist spots. If you don’t mind the noise, then they make a great way to see the city as you travel in Bangkok. Tuk-Tuks are also usually available for private hire and will the drivers will gladly give you a tour of the city if you ask them to.

City Rail Network - Both Bangkok’s BTS (Bangkok Mass Transport System) and the MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit) are excellent services that allow you to travel in Bangkok with ease. The MRT is an underground line, while the BTS is a skytrain service. The BTS cuts right through the centre of the city, which makes for some great views of the city below as you travel to your destination. They are easily affordable, easy to use and trains come along every few minutes, so you don’t have to wait long. Getting around Bangkok can be frustrating at times but learn how to use the BTS and MRT systems and you will find it becomes a lot easier for you.

Cycling in the Bangkok surroundings - If you plan to go outside the city, but not too far, then going on a cycling tour with your host is an excellent idea. You get a breath of fresh air, see some amazing sights and get a bit active. You’ll love experiencing the jungle or small villages by bike!

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Nirmal Thanawut

Countryside Canal Tour

This was certainly the best attraction for me and my wife in bangkok. What made it great was Thanawut. He is a great guy who ensured we had a great time. Highly recommend to go on the tour with him
He connected with us a day earlier and we had a discussion on the whole plan.. arrived at 9am on the day ( awesome SUV for the drive).
The lotus farm , the river ride.. the organic farm the rice cracker cooking and an awesome thai lunch at a very local eatery( not a big restaurant but the best thai food i ever had) made our day. U get to interact with local people, learn their ways and not spend a penny more unless u want to. Totally worth the price for the trip.

Visited 17th Feb

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Mark Supachok

Discover The Best of Bangkok on a Bike

An amazing tour for anyone looking to explore Thailand and it’s traditions without the stress of being in centeral Bangkok.
The tour started with a boat ride across a river into the Bankachao nature reserve, away from all the noise of Bangkok.
We stopped at a fish museum, a Buddhist temple, and got to try some fresh fruit, picked right in front of us! The highlight of the trip was definitely the floating markets, the guide was especially helpful in introducing us to all of the types of food there and recommending things to try (such as the Thai fish cakes which were amazing!) The market its self was not full of tourists, which made it a particularly unique experience as we felt it was more authentic than some of the other markets in Bangkok.
As for the actual cycling, I am not an experienced cycler in the slightest but didn’t struggle much, the route was fairly flat and although there were some parts on roads, the local people were friendly and kept out of our way. Cycling through the jungle of bangkachao was an insane experience, with rivers on either side of the path containing the second largest lizard in the world!
The tour guide and his girlfriend were exptremely informative and helpful throughout the whole trip, even giving us a lift back to our hotel at the end.
I would highly recommend this trip to anyone.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Craig Jekky

Temple&Food Tour by local Tuk Tuk & Thai Chef

Louise and I love Jekky!

She was fantastic and was very knowledgeable and passionate about everything she showed us.

We will definitely keep in touch with her and if we are in Bangkok again we will go visit her.