Best Nightlife spots in Bangkok

The Bangkok nightlife is renowned across the globe and many visitors come just for the nightlife alone. If you are looking to let your hair down once the sun has gone down, you will find that you are in one of the best cities ever.

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Nightlife spots in Bangkok

1. Bask in the Neon at Soi Cowboy

Well known among both expats and visitors, Soi Cowboy is one of the city’s more notorious nightspots. A street 50 metres long lined with Neon-fronted bars on either side, Soi Cowboy is jam-packed with revellers and local girls beckoning them to come inside.

Although the Soi is renowned for the more decadent pleasures Bangkok nightlife has to offer, you could simply choose to sit and drink with your host and chat as the world goes by. Thais just love to party and a night out can be a great way to get to know your host better. As an experience to all of your senses, a visit to Soi Cowboy should be near the top of any partying adult’s list.

2. Dance the Night Away at RCA

An area thronging with trendy bars and nightclubs, Royal City Avenue is popular among the younger locals and makes for a great night out. If you are looking for Bangkok nightlife with great music to dance to all night, RCA could be just the ticket.

Your host will be able to let you know which of the DJ’s are the best, and which clubs you should spend your night in. Having a local guide with you also makes it easier to meet the other locals meaning you could end up making new friends. If you are looking for a night out with a younger, trendy clientele, then be sure to put RCA on your list.

3. Eat, drink and be merry on Lower Sukhumvit

The lower Sukhumvit area is home to many of the city’s 5 star hotels and it is here that you will also find many of the western style pubs, restaurants and clubs. The area is busy most nights with locals, expats and visitors and, typical to Bangkok nightlife, the partying often continues until the sun comes up.

Your local host will know the best spots whether you are looking for something to eat, some live music, somewhere to dance all night or just a place to sit and talk. You will also pass many street vendors as you move from venue to venue so you get a chance to do some shopping as well.

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Nightlife spots in Bangkok

4. Take in a Show at a Cabaret

Thailand is well known for its liberal transgender scene, and you will find that some of the them love to put on a show. They really know how to do that and you will be treated to an evening of song, dance and extravagance, that will keep you enthralled.

Ask your local host which shows are the best and you are guaranteed to have an experience you will never forget. Also ask your private guide which shows are in the best areas for Bangkok nightlife in general, as you would likely want to continue your evening once the show has finished.

5. Blast out Some Songs at a Karaoke Venue

Karaoke is an important part of Bangkok nightlife for the locals and you will find that there is no shortage of karaoke venues. Most Karaoke venues will have some western classics for you to sing, although you could even try joining in with some Thai favourites, if you feel up to the challenge. It’s one of the most fun things to do in Bangkok.

Ask your host about Karaoke venues and they will able to recommend several to you, and you can be sure that they will want to come along. Even if you are not brave enough to pick up the mic yourself, a karaoke venue still make for a great night out and you might even find the courage to give it a go yourself after a few drinks.

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Withlocals guest
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Sam Big

Share a Morning with Thai Monks

The Monk Walking Tour with Big was incredible. This tour is absolutely worth the 4:30am wake up because when you get back to your hotel/hostel at 8:30am, you will feel like you've done more than a whole day's worth of sightseeing. Big picked me up at my hotel at 5:00am and we drove to the temple district to the grand temple next to the Grand Palace. Big took me in and we watched the monks finish their morning prayers. From there, we hung out on the temple grounds while the monks ate breakfast. Because the tour is so small (1-2 people max), the Monks were very friendly. Several monks came over and we spoke about my life in America, their lives as monks, and of course, where to get the best Thai food in Bangkok and in the US. From there, Big introduced me to the monk with whom we'd be following for alms. We left the temple grounds and walked through the temple district where the monk we followed accepted alms. Throughout the walk, I was able to see a quieter and more local Bangkok than I had seen in the touristy parts. We walked through an awesome local food market (completely different than the touristy food markets) and spoke for hours about religion, life, monks, and Thailand. After we walked around, we went back to the temple grounds, where we sorted the collected food and then ate ourselves. Big was fluent in English, very friendly, and extremely knowledgable. It was a really terrific and relaxing morning that I think is a MUST for anyone visiting Bangkok. I feel like I saw and experienced more of Bangkok in the 3 hours with Big than I did in the 3 days hitting the "major" touristy spots.

Withlocals guest
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Raphaele Piyaporn

Visit Multicultural Markets in Bangkok

Piyaporn was the best guide. She was very informative, relaxed, extremely friendly and easy to talk to. She catered the visit specifically to our needs as we had to change a few things since I was traveling with 2 young children. I would recommend her 100%!!

Withlocals guest
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Liz Piyaporn

Half Day BKK Weekend Floating Market & Boat Tour

We had an incredible day at the Floating Market with Piyaporn. She was a wonderful tour guide. We saw so many wonderful sites. This is the only way to see Bangkok. Thank you!