Best Markets in Bangkok

Among the most popular of all things to do in any city is shopping, and Bangkok is no different. In addition to huge, gleaming, modern shopping mall complexes, you will also find markets selling brand and non-branded goods of all kinds. Here are some awesome examples!

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Local markets in Bangkok

Srinakarin Train Night Market

Located a little out from the city centre, but still very accessible, is the amazing Srinakarin Train Night Market. Where some markets in Bangkok might see inflated prices due to the influx of well-heeled foreigners, the Srinakarin night market has not been affected in such a way by tourism.

Most of the traders are unlikely to speak English so let your host help you out by making the communication easier as there is lots to buy. One thing the market is known for is the boutique fashion items, so you can pick up something that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar

If you are looking for local arts and crafts then try the Suan Lum night Bazaar and you should find just what you want. A wide range of local carvings, silks and ornaments can be found here along with a plethora of other goods so there is plenty of choice.

This market in Bangkok also doubles up as an entertainment complex so ask your host to join you for their valuable advice on what there is to buy, to see and to do. At Suan Lum Night Bazaar you can expect a night out as well as a shopping trip, but be prepared to carry plenty of bags back with you.

Pan Thip

Although located in a shopping mall, Pan Thip Plaza is much more of a market with its many stalls with traders selling their goods. Because Pan Thip sells electronic goods only it may not be for everybody, but it is a dream come true to those that love their tech.

Many of the stalls openly sell counterfeit goods but your local host can join you to help make sure you don’t get caught out, so you buy the real thing instead. The traffic can also make Pan Thip Plaza one of the more difficult Bangkok markets to access, but your host can advise on how to avoid the rush hours.

Top local markets in Bangkok

Rural Floating Market in Amphawa & Boat Tour


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Half Day BKK Weekend Floating Market & Boat Tour


€15.00 p.p.

The Best of Bangkok Private Tour



€35.00 p.p.

Other local markets in Bangkok

Khlong Lat Mayom floating market

Khlong Lat Mayon is actually one of the more smaller, unknown floating markets in Bangkok, but that's exactly what makes it so special. Going there with your host, you'’l be able to experience the local authentic vibe of a Thai market, without the interruption of many other tourists.

It’s also known as the food paradise for locals, since the sellers bring so many goodies and incredible dishes there. Combining a market experience with a street food exploration would be the perfect description of this amazing place. Your host will help you in choosing the right foods according to your taste buds and tell you more about the markets and great things to do in Bangkok.

Or Tor Kor Market

Do you fancy trying out markets in Bangkok that sell some of the local fresh produce? Well Or Tor Kor market sells a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables. There’s a good chance that you will never have encountered some of the fresh produce here, so take your local host along with you to make sure you know what you’re buying.

You will have plenty of opportunity to sample the wares and your host can recommend what to try so you don’t miss out on the best. If you like to be creative in the kitchen, then a night at the Or Tor Kor market might introduce you to some new flavours to experiment with.

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Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
William Hansa

Private Day Trip to a local Fishing Village

My companions and I didn’t have much time to plan for the trip. However, we wanted an experience that is different from the norm and because photos posted by Hansa looks great and so we picked the tour.....

We had a memorable experience that is throughly enjoyable and full of funs. I believed that we were a very lucky group as we were the first to enjoy unforgiving weather that has thunderstorm and super heat all in the same day! However non of that spoilt the fun for us as Hansa has taken great care of us with her gentleness and great knowledge of the places chosen. The places chosen are scenic and I highly recommend anyone who has a drones to bring one for the occasions. The salt farm , mangroves and fishing place are simply beautiful!

Be prepared to get dirty after your lunch! You should really jump in the pools and pick some cockles. The experience is simple therepatic! Aunty Sim is really a good cook and great host!

All in all, this is an experience of what one can hope for when you sign up for a Withlocals ! Hope to see Hansa and A again really soon!

Thank you Pink & A!

PS: Thanks again for bringing the Fitbit all the way for us !

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Carissa Big

Share a Morning with Thai Monks

We had a really cool experience with Big getting to see what the life of a monk is like. He taught us a ton about the history and culture. We also had a great time exploring the markets, and we're happy he was our guide to help us pick out some delicious food! Would definitely recommend!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Tyler Wasana Chokkriengkrai

Dine In A Homely Setting

Meaw and her husband are unreasonably wholesome people. I was honestly floored by how warm hearted they were. Not only are they just cute but they lead interesting lives. Every part of them has a story right down to there beautiful home. And as far as the food is concerned, you can’t find anything thing better. She prepared 7 dishes all catered to the way she asked me how I would like. Every dish varied in flavor type. Her passion truly shows here. I honestly can’t imagine returning to Bangkok without having dinner with these two again. If you don’t take up this experience, you are truly missing out.