Top Luxury things to do in Bangkok

While many think of Bangkok as a great place to go on a budget, it is also a city where you can enjoy the finer things in life. If you are hoping to pamper yourself during your stay then you will have plenty of options to do so. Check them out below!

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Luxury things to do in Bangkok

  • Enjoy Luxurious Serenity on a Boat Cruise - There is nothing quite as luxurious as cruising peacefully along a beautiful river or canal, and it is certainly among the most relaxing luxury things to do in Bangkok. You will feel spoilt and pampered as you cruise along idyllically, forgetting all about anything that might be on your mind. Try out our Floating Market & Boat Tour!
    The city is interlaced with canals and rivers and your host can take you to where they are at their very best. With a local as your guide you can spend the day living in the lap of luxury while taking in the beautiful natural scenery that is all around you.
  • Enjoy fine dining at your host’s home - Fine dining is often associated with living the high life, and enjoying a gourmet meal is one of the many luxury things to do in Bangkok. You can even enjoy such a fine meal in the luxury of your host’s home rather than having to eat in a restaurant among complete strangers.
    Good cooks are always happy to have others enjoy their food, so your host will be delighted to feed you and your family a meal that you won’t forget. The right environment will also make a great opportunity to have a relaxing evening in an otherwise hectic city.
  • Enjoy Luxury and Great Scenery in Chiang Mai - If you are struggling to look for luxury things to do in Bangkok then maybe you could consider looking a little further afield. A visit to other cities such as Chiang Mai can be unforgettable as you get to enjoy luxury hotel accommodation set in stunningly beautiful surroundings.
    Thais will often jump at any opportunity to see other parts of their country and your host will be delighted to be your guide as you go travelling. With a local as your guide you will find getting about so much easier, making the trip so much more convenient and luxurious for you.

Top luxurious things to do in Bangkok

Luxury things to do in Bangkok

  • Take in a Movie in Luxury - OK, so going to the cinema might not sound like something that is ideal for a holiday, but the Paragon Cineplex can be ideal if you are looking for luxury things to do in Bangkok. Instead of seats that are packed tightly together in rows, you will find luxurious recliners and sofas while you are treated with fine cuisine and champagne.
    Your host can help to book tickets and make other arrangements for you so you can get to have a great night out watching a movie while being pampered. After a night out at the Siam Paragon, going to the cinema elsewhere will never quite be the same again.
  • Roof-top dining - Fine dining is not always about what you are eating, but also about where you are eating it. With this in mind, enjoying a superb meal and a few drinks at one of the city’s many fine rooftop restaurants is ideal if you are looking for luxury things to do in Bangkok.
    Being in such a fine atmosphere makes for a perfect opportunity to get to know your host better and you could well end up making a new friend for life. Don’t forget to ask your host for recommendations from the menu if you are eating Thai food that you haven’t tried before.

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Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
PAUL Artty

A customized trip with Artty

Artty was a wonderful host he spoke English very well and was a very happy and attentive guide. He explained in detail about the history of the temples and Buddha’s which we found very interesting. We would highly recommend him as your local guide In Bangkok

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Kiya Big

Private Spiritual Morning with Thai Monks

Big was on time and friendly. We had a great time talking with him about....well life! He was very knowledgeable and smart. It was a great stroll through the city helping the monks carry the food back to the temple. Breakfast was delicious as we got to try a little of everything the streets had to offer.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Jane Tuangtip

A customized trip with Tuangtip

We had a wonderful walking tour with Tuangtip in Bangkok. She was an absolutely fabulous host from start to finish, and it truly is the small touches that make the experiences, such as this, special and memorable.
Thank you for an amazing day - we saw so much and learnt so many things - I really would say it's the best way to see the city with a genuinely lovely, friendly and passionate lady.

Thank you Tuangtip.
Jane and Vicky