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They say that the best way to enjoy a city is to know what it has to offer and understand what it’s all about. With the help of your private guide in Taipei, you will find thousands of things to appreciate about the city. You will know a lot of interesting facts and trivia that you can never find in any travel guidebook.

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Guides in Taipei

With a Taipei private guide, you can get immersed into the culture of the place and marvel at its impressive scenic sites. Having a local guide will give you a glimpse of the city that can only be experienced through the eyes of the locals who have lived in the city all their life. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, your guide can give you an experience that you will never forget.

 Most travelers in Taipei have fallen in love with the kindness of the people, the uniqueness of their culture and the sumptuous gastronomic experience that the city has to offer. With your kind, friendly and knowledgeable private guide in Taipei, you can surely get hooked with the best insider tips and experience the best of the city.

 No one knows Taipei better than the locals themselves and your private guide will be happy to show you around their beautiful city. Your local guide can take you to a tour that is uniquely tailored to what you want to experience in the place. Lose your heart in the beautiful spots of Taipei and in the nearby cities with a local who is determined to provide you with the most authentic travel experience. Whether you are on a vacation for a short time or staying for several weeks, you can rely on your knowledgeable Taipei private guide to show you around the city and the neighboring towns and cities.

Top personalized tour in Taipei

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€19.50 p.p.

A Fun Night Out in Taipei


€21.00 p.p.

Best of Taipei: Highlights & Hidden Gems



€19.00 p.p.

Explore Taipei with your Private Guide

Taipei has a lot of stories to tell and enigmatic places that are waiting for you to discover. You can always ask your guide to take you on a walk at the grounds of the majestic Longshan Temple, an ancient temple that has been around for several centuries. Perhaps, you can take a daytrip at the sleepy town of Hualien and be blown away by the stunning beauty of the Taroko Gorge at the Taroko National Park. You can also just stroll with your guide around the city and hear the fascinating stories behind the beautiful places you will pass by.

 If shopping is your guilty pleasure, your private guide in Taipei can take you to the various night markets all over the city. There are hundreds of shops to visit and friendly vendors who can give you a good bargain on your purchases. Of course, a visit to these markets also means having the opportunity to taste the most delectable local dishes. Make sure to grab a bowl of their famous beef noodle and pair it with a good serving of the Taiwanese sausage. If you want to have a truly authentic experience, your private guide in Taipei can also prepare you a delicious dinner and welcome you into their lovely abode. Indeed, nothing beats the experience of having a gracious local host to welcome you to the city of Taipei!

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Belinda Jack

A customized trip with Jack

Jack is an incredible guide – he planned an itinerary that met my requirements and exceeded my expectations.

Jack is a knowledgeable and interesting companion as we explored Taipei together.
With Jack, I had the opportunity to try food that I would have never tried without him. Thank you Jack for the best sushi that I have ever tasted!

Jack has an amazing depth of knowledge about the history of Taipei and I was fascinated the entire tour by the wealth of information that he shared.

I highly recommend Jack as your tour guide. And, if you are from Montreal, Canada, please bring him one dozen Montreal-style sesame bagels.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
peter Chia-chien

A customized trip with Chia-chien

Thank you Chia- Chien for the 2 days one nite, last minute tour without agenda. My main goal is to have some quiet break alone at the famous Sun Moon Lake, see the sunset and sunrise, and do a short run around the lake in the morning and do nothing. The rest is impromptus added side trips. Fascinating, as Chia Chien was most obliging in unscheduled stoppings, eg visited Giant Bicycle Store, tried famous Taiwanese Beef noodles under a fig tree, experienced the Presidential fish that will take you years to de-bone, visited the historical LIN's estate in Tai Chun etc etc.

I most enjoyed my time in the morning at Sun Moon Lake when there was absolute serenity and silence at my surroundings, sipping my coffee and watched the breaking of dawn.

Highly recommend Chia Chien as your tour guide, with or without agenda and she will accommodate. she loves her coffee flask with cold coffee that last the whole day to finish off...

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Karin Judy

A customized trip with Judy

I was bought an afternoon with Judy and David for my birthday by my wife. They'd planned a really thoughtful few hours through an old and atmospheric part of Taipei including markets, temples and Japanese-era commercial streets which gave a great feeling for the non-touristy life in Taipei, as well as providing great photography opportunities. They also included some additional time (beyond what we paid for by that point) at a beautiful old mansion and gardens specifically so our toddler son could run around and have some fun. David's photography instruction was clear, understanding of my completely lack of capability, and effective, even when using just a smartphone. I'm not a super keen photographer but by the end was really enjoying the various elements required to make a good photo. Alongside this Judy's knowledge of Taipei history was a great counterpart and made for a really great afternoon. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone, no matter what your photography capability or knowledge of Taipei.