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Taipei is the thriving capital of Taiwan and the political and economic center of the country. With the recent influx of tourists in this vibrant city of Taiwan, it's about time that you discover the hidden gem that Taipei is!

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Airports in Taipei

There are two airports in Taipei, the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Songshan Airport. The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is considered as the main airport of the island and caters to most International flights. It's also the hub of Eva Air and China Airlines, two airlines that have the most number of flights to Taipei. If you are coming from Europe, you will most likely land in this airport.

 The Taoyuan International Airport has two terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, which are besides each other. You will have four options in getting to the city coming from the Taoyuan International Airport, the main airport of Taipei. You can take the train, ride the bus, hire a taxi or rent a car.

 Taking the train or the Taiwan Airport MRT is the fastest way to get to the city. The train operates from 6 AM to 11 PM and will take around 35 - 40 minutes to reach Taipei Main Station, the city’s main transportation hub. From the Taipei Main Station, you can either take a taxi to your hotel or change to another train that will take you to the nearest train station where your hotel is located.

 At Taipei’s airports, you will have several different buses to choose from that will take you to the city center of Taipei. The Kuo-Kuang Bus or Taiwan Bus Corp is the best option especially if you are arriving late at night. The bus operates 24 hours a day and will travel towards the main station of the city for less than an hour. After collecting your luggage and exiting out of immigration, simply proceed to the bus ticketing counters and buy your ticket.

 Like most airports in the world, there are several taxis waiting outside of Taipei’s airport that can take you to your hotel. However, if you are staying in Taipei, this may not be the cheapest option. Taoyuan, which is where the Taoyuan International Airport is located, is around 45 minutes away from Taipei, and depending on the traffic, you could end up paying a lot more for your fare.

 A much cheaper alternative to taxi is by renting a car, especially if you book a private transfer with a local. This is a good idea for those who are arriving late at night and have missed the train or bus. It’s convenient, comfortable, fast and efficient.

Top "on the go" tours in Taipei

Street photography with a 'Hasselblad Masters' finalist


€50.00 p.p.

Yehliu Geopark & Small Town Escape Day Tour



€54.50 p.p.

Authentic Taipei: Off the Beaten Track Tour by Bike


€18.00 p.p.

Other Airports in Taipei

The other airport in Taipei, the Taipei Songshan Airport, is located within the downtown area of the city and serves mostly domestic flights and a few flights from neighboring countries, such as China and Japan. Just in case you happen to land here or if you are taking a domestic flight to another city in Taiwan, getting to or from the airport is very convenient.

 Since the Songshan Airport is right within the city center, Taipei MRT servies the airport. Simply take the Brown Line and get off at the Songshan Airport Station. Otherwise, you can take the taxi going to this Taipei airport and it should not cost you a lot, coming from anywhere in the city.

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Jill Lynton

Taipei Like a Local: Culture & Gourmet Street Food

We had an awesome foodie tour with Lynton and cannot recommend him enough. He helped us to understand more about the Taiwanese culture and people. He was thoughtful and generous. The Street food was great. We visited places we would never have thought of giving a second look. Do yourself a favor and book a tour. You won't regret it.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Jonathan Chia-chien Jessica

A customized trip with Chia-chien Jessica

I wrote to Chia-Chien about customising a 5 hour tour which must include mountains, incredible scenery and as little crowds as possible. She must’ve thought long and hard because all the places she brought me to were spot on! The trek up to Yinhe Cave was a killer but the views and the waterfall were worth it! I would have continued the trek up but my thighs were killing me!

Headed to Thousand Island Lake in her nifty car after that with more breathtaking scenery amongst the tea plantations! Chia-Chien kindly bought tea eggs and braised tofu to share as a snack! They were much needed after the vertical trek up to Yinhe Cave.

Chia-Chien was super friendly, knowledgeable, took lovely photos and had a whacky sense of humour! She even picked me up at my hotel and dropped me off after. Talk about going the extra mile! Our last stop was this cosy family run cafe surrounded by the swirling mists of the tea plantation hills and I got us some coffee and waffles to share and chat, switching effortlessly between English and Mandarin! It felt like I had spent 4 over hours with a friend!

Anyone who wants to escape from the ordinary in Taiwan should drop Chia-Chien an email! I know I will the next time I am in Taipei! See you again soon, Chia-Chien!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Emily Daphne

Day Tour to the Scenic North of Taiwan

Daphne was an fun and wonderfully intrepid guide, who braved the rainy weather with three Americans and showed us some of the wonders away from downtown Taipei. From helping us across the stunning geopark at Yehliu, where she kept track of us among the many other umbrellas and pointed us to some of the most delicious ginger tea we've ever experienced, to the magical town of Jiufen and its sublime snacks (nougat crackers!) and tea, Daphne was a pleasure to be with. She was an expert driver and led us through the labyrinthine covered paths of Jiufen with confidence and ease, and always had a fun place or bite to point out. We would never have experienced these amazing places without her inside knowledge, and our trip to Taiwan owes a lot to her companionship and highly professional service. Thank you, Daphne! I miss Taiwan very much, and hope to return someday!