Travel options in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tiny island and getting around is very convenient given its well-connected road network. It also has a decent public transportation system that can get you around making Sri Lanka travel very affordable. For an extra thrill, consider renting a tuk-tuk or a scooter to truly explore the hidden gems of Sri Lanka.

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Getting around Sri Lanka

  • Air-taxi

Though domestic travel is not very popular in Sri Lanka, you can still charter a private flight to get around the country from Colombo. You are surely going to love the scenic birds eye view of the island as you go through the natural landscapes. These range from the hills of Kandy to the coastlines of Sri Lanka! It’s surely is a luxurious experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

  • Train

Not only is it cheap to use the train to travel in Sri Lanka, but it offers some breathtaking views of the country too. From picturesque views of the natural landscape, to the remote villages, to the beautiful coastlines, train travel in Sri Lanka has it all covered. Travel like a local by sitting on the footboard while enjoying the breeze. If you’re not feeling too adventurous, grab on to a window seat so you don’t miss out on the vistas the ride has to offer!

  • Tuk-tuk

Sri Lanka travel is not complete until you get into a tuk-tuk. These three-wheeled drives are the most thrilling rides you’ll ever experience. The open-air rickshaws can take up to 3 passengers at a time. Explore the city like a true local as you discover the hidden gems of Sri Lanka. Alternatively, you could decide to rent one too if you’re brave enough to get behind the wheels. Ask your local guide to make arrangements to have one rented out for you! It certainly is the best way to explore any city. Or maybe across cities too! Why not right? Sri Lanka travel cannot get better than this!

Top day trip tours in Sri Lanka

Full Day Charming Kandy Tour: Highlights & Hidden Gems



€42.00 p.p.

Galle Day Trip: an Exotic Escape!



€49.00 p.p.

Sri Lanka’s Best Treasures: Sigiriya Rock & Dambulla Caves



€83.00 p.p.

Additional Options to Travel in Sri Lanka

  • Private Car

A common way to travel in Sri Lanka would be in the comfort of a private vehicle. You could opt for your private guide to drive you around. This is especially convenient if you are travelling with your family and have an itinerary that requires travelling across several cities. With your baggage, this would be an ideal way to travel in Sri Lanka. The road network is really good and you should have no problem considering this option.

  • Bus

Sri Lanka travel boasts of a well-connected bus service that can get you around the country at a very low cost. Once you get to a city, bus travel can be a good option to travel to the outskirts or to even far away places. Local tip: Some long-distance journeys offer comfortable overnight travel in coaches. Ask your local guides about it so they can book you into one. This way you would be saving on accommodation too!

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
D Prasanna

Colombo to Kandy in 1 Amazing Day with a Local

Arranged a 1D personalised Colombo-Kandy tour with Prasanna, who was at the airport waiting for us even though our flight landed early. It was a comfortable drive to Kandy and we appreciated the historical sharing as we visited sites around Kandy. Prasanna even did an impromptu stop at a roadside fruit stall to allow us to sample durians, which were in season! Thanks for the intro to Sri Lanka, Prasanna!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Julie Ann Krishani

A customized trip with Krishani

Krish and her partner Sanka spoiled me with a lot of authentic local foods. Krish has a vast of knowledge about the history, floras and faunas of sri lanka. If you like an authentic local experience then Krish is the best option you have.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Levien Charith

Thrilling Canyoning Adventure in Kitulgala

We asked Charith for a special trip to Kitalgula and he did not let us down!
We are a family of four and enjoyed the day in and on the water! Rafting and canoying and rafting again, and also a delicious lunch. We had two guides and they were very good, especially with our kids (age 9 and 12)
We felt save during the whole activity.