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Attractions in Nuwara-Eliya, Sri Lanka

Withlocals offers you the possibility to meet the locals of Nuwara Eliya, who can take you along on various interesting things to do in this beautiful town. If you ask yourself a question, who would know about all of the ancient history? Who could tell me the story about the cultural heritage about this country? Of course the locals! That is why Withlocals offers you the opportunity to discover the well-known and hidden places of this beautiful island, under the guidance of a local host. By going on a tour with an expert of the area you are visiting, you will get to know Sri Lanka from a local perspective.

Attractions Nuwara-eliya, Sri-lanka

The beautiful Hakgala Gardens
These botanical gardens were established in 1861, and are an absolute must-see. An astonishing amount of over 6000 plants and flowers are growing in the gardens, due to the above sea-level cool climate. You can find the gardens 10 kilometers southeast of Nuwara Eliya.
**Seetha Amman Temple**
This temple is located approximately 1 kilometer from the Hakgala Gardens – make sure to have a little stop-over! It is believe that this colorful Hindu temple was the place where demon king Ravana held Sitha captive.
**Relax in the Queen Victoria Park**
This beautiful park is located at the heart of Nuwara Eliya. It is especially gorgeous in months of March – May and August and September, as colorful flowers are blossoming around this time of the year.
**Visit the Bluefield Tea Gardens**
Tea is central to the Nuwara Eliya area, and this is exactly what can be even more experienced when visiting the Bluefield Tea Gardens in the town of Ramboda. You can visit the factory, taste different kinds of tea or relax in the tea lounge and restaurant while having a bite to eat.
**Visit the Horton Plains**
This beautiful national park is located approximately one hour from Nuwara Eliya. You can walk around the beautiful silent grasslands, filled with beautiful birds and other highland animals.

Nuwara-eliya, Sri-lanka


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Nuwara-eliya, Sri-lanka


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Nuwara-eliya, Sri-lanka


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