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Best Nightlife spots in Sri Lanka

In general, Sri Lanka does not have a pub culture. However, there are quite some great bars to be found in the capital Colombo and in beach resorts such as Unuwatuna and Hikkaduwa. Sri Lankans have a rather different way in depicting their nightlife. With ever-popular karaoke bars, nightclubs showcasing new musical talent, and pulsating discos. The choice is infinite! To try local booze, there are a few of the best beers in Sri Lanka include Lion Strong Beer, Baron’s Strong Brew, Grand Blonde or Lion Stout. Colombo is a place that is constantly adapting itself to new changes, but which at the same time stays true to its roots. Imagine going on a great night out, discovering the local bars to meet with friends or show off your dance moves. Just take a look at all the great experiences on this website and find out yourself!

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Nightlife in Sri-lanka

  • Pay a visit to Rhythm and Blues for Variation of music, such as R&B, blues, rock
  • In Clancy's Irish Pub, you can experience the traditional sweetmeats during Sinhala and Tamil New Year
  • If you Don’t feel like going for a drink or dancing? Liberty cinema features various Hollywood movies



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