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Best Museums in Sri Lanka

Every country has its own historical values which inherited in the nowadays generation. Some say that the reasoning behind ones behavior is based on his or her ancestors. To be able to understand this, Sri Lankan history, is showered with varying degree of ancient kingdoms. All of this stories can of course be found in Museums in Sri Lanka. Starting from the history of the independence of Sri Lanka from Brittish rule with the establishment of Dominion of Ceylon until regalia of the country, including the throne and crown pf the kandyan monarch. All of this, can be seen once you have reached our local guides!

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    Museums in Sri-lanka

    • Be amazed by Sri Lanka’s heritage in the National Museum of Colombo with wide and excellent collection of beautiful artifacts such as swords and guns.
    • In Anuradhapura’s Archaeological Museum, you will find out about the old relics, puppets and terracotta findings.
    • Polonnaruwa’s Archaeological Museum depicts features the old citadel, Hindu monuments, a collection of bronzes, and even scale buildings of the circular relic houses



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