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Holidays in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known by the word of mouth as one of the multicultural country with a rather diverse background. When it comes to public holidays, travelers need to take into account about his matter, as they not only celebrate Buddhist holidays, but also other existing religions in the country. Next to that, national holidays plays an essential role in determining travelers to have the best time of their visit. Additionally, shops and business activities are closed during the Poya Holidays.

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Holidays in Sri-lanka

  • The Buddhist New Year is celebrated for 3 whole days starting on the first full moon of April.
  • Vesak, celebrating Buddha’s birthday, takes place on the first full moon day of May.
  • Uposatha is a day dedicated to meditation and ethics, and takes place on the New Moon, the Full Moon and quarter moon days every month.
  • Makha Bucha usually occurs in February, and celebrates the meeting of Arahants with Buddha, nine months after his enlightenment.
  • Asalha Puja ‘Dhamma Day’ takes place around July, and is dedicated to Buddha’s first teaching on the full moon day.
  • Kathina Ceremony takes place in October and November, the people are offering new robes to the monks.
  • Sanghamitta Day is celebrated on the Full Moon day in December, and honors Sanghamitta for her journey to Sri Lanka, and spreading the ideas of Buddhism.



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