Galle Airports

Galle doesn’t have an airport itself. Bandaranayake Airport is the biggest, international airport nearby, but it’s not really that close. Before you get there, you need to travel about 150 kilometers. Below you can read how to get to Galle by train, bus and taxi. There are a few airports that are closer to Galle, but they might not handle airplanes to other countries.

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Galle's airport info

  • Bandaranayake Airport
    153 kilometers
    Although it is the biggest airport nearby Galle, it is quite far to travel to. Here’s a list of travel times.
    • By Taxi: 2,5 hours; about €90,-
    • By Bus: 3 hours; about €4,-
    • By Train: 3 hours; about €2,-
    The busses depart every 15 minutes, or as soon as they are full, between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m..
    Traveling by train or bus? Try to be there at least half an hour early, this will increase the chance of having a place to sit down, as both of them can get pretty crowded. 
  • SLAF Katukurunda
    10 kilometers
    This airport is one of the smaller ones, way closer to Galle. However, it is rarely used for commercial transportation flights. 

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Mischa was a wonderful host. She drew my attention to things I probably would not have noticed on my own. She was knowledgeable about the history, architecture, art, and food of Paris. Most of all she was a lovely, joyful person with a good heart. It was a great pleasure to meet her and spend part of my day with her.

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Lucia walked us around some of the major sights and provided helpful advice on how to navigate Lisbon on our own. She is knowledgeable about Portuguese history and has an interesting personal history herself. She let us set our own pace. Lucia’s English is good and perfectly understandable