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Festivals in Sri Lanka

What makes one particular country different from another, is the belief. Moreover, how those beliefs are expressed is something else. Belief, it is commonly expressed with a Festival within the country. Luckily, Sri Lanka has a history as long as many ancient civilizations, positioning in the crossroad of the East and West, and being a multicultural society, celebrates a wide variety of festivals, ceremonies and events. List of festivals are normally celebrated and cherished with dancers, lights and elephants paraded around the city as to bear the tooth of Buddha.

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Highlights for Sri-lanka

  • Witness the dancers, drummers and decorated elephants during Esala Perahera Festival
  • Firecrackers, lightning of oil lamps and partying in the street, all at once? Only during Aluth Avurudda festival
  • To accept diversity, different stream in music and all ethnic group, Sri Lanka kas Jaffna Music Festival



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