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Places to Eat in Sri Lanka

When it comes to Asian delicacies, Sri Lankan meals are like no other type of meal in the world! With such strong influence from the southern part of India, the cuisine of Sri Lanka still shows quite some distinct. Rice and Coconut Sambol are still consume daily in Sri Lanka, they are believe as the essential foods over there. Next to that, Sri Lankan foods have impeccable taste as they are made from choices of rich spices which grow within the country itself. Lastly, do not forget to try to eat with your hands! That is definitely a must!

Ideas for inspiration in Sri Lanka

  • Breakfast the Sri Lankan way with String Hppers (Idiappa) accompanied by lunu miris, a mix of red onions and spices. Hoppers are made from a fermented batter of rice flour, coconut milk and a dash of palm toddy.
  • Milk and rice in one? This is not something that you eat everyday. Kiribath, meaning "Milk rice" is found in most Sri lankan to be something recommended to travelers.
  • Kavum, Kokis and Asmi. Traditional juicy sweetmeats are normally prepared during Sinhala and Tamil New year or in special occasions.
  • For popular drink, Faluda is simply the second to none! A mixed cold drink with syrup, ice cream, jelly pieces and basil seeds.

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