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Shopping in Colombo, Sri Lanka

As the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo is one of the best places to do your shopping. If you are looking for high-end clothing you should definitely pay a visit to Crescat Boulevard. This Luxurious boutiques in Crescat Boulevard are the ultimate place to find designer clothes and accessories, both for men and women. It also features several restaurants and cinemas. Another nice shopping center in Majestic City. Not as luxurious as Crescat Boulevard, this shopping center is still pretty big and features clothing stores, cinemas, restaurants and supermarkets. Prices vary, and there are a good amount of shops to be found which offer products for reasonable prices. Spend your afternoon enjoying the many streets of Pettah. This area is Colombo’s most important bazaar district. A massive amount of products can be found here, varying from clothing, handbags, household products, watches, books, shoes, electronics and much and much more!

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Shopping in Colombo, Sri-lanka

  • If you would like to experience shopping as the upper-class Sri Lankan, you may want to go to Laksala Emporium for high-end quality!
  • Miesna Tea is one of the best shops to buy good Ceylon tea. This company has shops in Majestic City & Crescat Boulevard
  • A big fans of porcelain? Then make a stop at Norita Showroom located at Galle Road

Colombo, Sri-lanka


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Colombo, Sri-lanka


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Colombo, Sri-lanka


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